I Tried It: Reiki Massage for Energy Cleanse

01.27.2023 — Gwen Seyfried

I was first exposed to reiki therapy in my teenage years by my mother. I went into this experience with the intention of supporting the healing process of old sports injuries and ended up leaving with so many more benefits past the physical. Over 10 years later—and after experiencing a long period without any sessions—I found myself in the midst of the 2020 global pandemic reuniting with this healing modality.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient form of body and mind healing that was rediscovered in the early 1900s by Dr. Mikao Usui at a monastery just outside of Kyoto, Japan. With the intention of reducing stress and promoting wellness, this modality has been utilized by holistic practitioners all over the globe for decades, including myself.

When you break down the word, ‘Rei’ means universal. In healing practices, this relates to the wisdom and knowledge that comes from the God-Consciousness energy, the Universe, or the Higher Self. It is highly intuitive with an understanding far surpassing what we can comprehend on our own.

The word ‘Ki’ has the same meaning as ‘Chi’ in Chinese and ‘Prana’ in Sanskrit. This is the energy that gives animation to all living things. Simply, reiki is a form of universal life force healing.

One thing I have always loved about reiki, and other forms of energy work, is the understanding that energy impacts the physical world and body. By focusing on the energy, we are able to feel the effects in the physical world around us.

Fast forward two years, I found myself in 2022 wondering how I was going to maintain any modicum of health in this new post-pandemic society. I had postponed travels to embark on, weddings to attend, and the desire to try and reclaim any normalcy and most importantly, joy, in my life.

By fall of last year, only half-way through my major plans, I found myself burnt-out and extremely stressed over the reality that I had many more commitments to attend to (not even considering the holidays) prior to the end of the year. As I had no energy to prioritize self-healing, I had to find myself a solution.

Cue: reiki massage.

Upon arrival to my session, my massage therapist Mercedes, owner of The Meta Hippo in Charlotte, led me to a gently lit room filled with beautiful crystals, calming music, and soothing aromas. We went over my intentions for the session and proper post-massage care. When it comes to any form of energy work, setting intentions is important so your practitioner can target those specific densities and work to clear and release them. For this session, I wanted to focus on clearing out the post-travel haze and feel more grounded and connected to my body.


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Ready to relax, I stripped down and got cozy under the sheet waiting for her to begin. If you’ve never gotten a massage before, know that you’re able to dress down to whatever you’re comfortable with! Most practitioners are trained to provide services whether you’re fully stripped down, wearing just undergarments, or fully dressed. When it comes to massage and other forms of hands-on work, I generally prefer working with female identifying practitioners as they allow me to feel more safe with less coverage on me.

The massaging itself was not far from any other 60-minute massage I’ve received. With each passing moment, I noticed myself feeling as though I was almost melting into the earth itself. I could sense my energy stabilizing and grounding as the reiki was working through the densities in my body and energy field.

One thing that I love about reiki therapy is that therReiki energy is highly intuitive itself. While practitioners are able to direct the energy with their hands and intention, the energy will always flow where it needs to go.

After leaving my session, I made sure to hydrate well as instructed and ate a nutrient rich dinner with lots of veggies and healthy proteins. Over the days that followed, I paid attention to how I felt not just energetically, but physically as well. I was noticeably more grounded and held less tension within my body, and was pleasantly surprised to feel less physical anxiety when thinking about all that was left to do in 2022.

While a regular massage is always lovely, I was definitely sold on the inclusion of reiki and am excited to schedule more sessions throughout 2023 to keep me feeling balanced physically and energetically. I would recommend reiki massage to anyone looking for a more holistic experience, targeting not just the physical, but energetic body as well. Always speak to your practitioners about your comfort levels so they can adjust their methods as necessary to give you the best possible care and experience.

  • Gwen Seyfried is a Psychic Channel and Intuitive Healer who works primarily in the Quantum and Akashic realms. Combining divination, Reiki, and her own intuitive healing, Gwen seeks to provide a safe space for self discovery and personal growth.

Gwen Seyfried
Gwen Seyfried is a Psychic Channel and Intuitive Healer who works primarily in the Quantum and Akashic realms. Combining divination, Reiki, and her own intuitive healing, Gwen seeks to provide a safe space for self discovery and personal growth.