Lone Fox’s Dining Room is Filled With Natural Light and Vintage Treasures

04.25.2024 — Amber Katz

Drew Michael Scott is the stylized eye behind Lone Fox on Instagram and the fastest-growing YouTube channel in the home space. Through his DIY projects, home renovations and decor, Drew is changing the way millennials and Gen Z approach design. He looks to inspire them to curate a magazine-worthy home regardless of budget. Hailed a “Design MacGyver” as a member of House Beautiful’s Creator Class and “a DIY sensation by Architectural Digest, Drew is one of the most influential designers leading the interiors conversation online. Here, we caught up with Drew to learn about his favorite place in his own space, how he uses it, how he sourced some of his beautiful wares and more. 


Tell us about your favorite space in your home. 

My newly designed dining room is currently my favorite space! I finished it right before the holidays and it really feels like the new hub of the home and a space that really emulates my design style.

In three words, how would you describe it?

Collected, handcrafted, bespoke.


How do you use your dining room?

It might sound crazy, but the dining room is one of my favorite places to work. Before I redid it, it was very bland and wasn’t used often. With only my dining table and chairs, it wasn’t a very inspiring space. Now that it’s complete, I’ve been using it so much more. It’s so nice to have a place where friends can gather for dinner, plus it’s my new favorite spot to drink my morning coffee and answer emails.

How often do you use it?

Every day! Since completing it … I’ve spent at least half my day in the room. The chairs are really comfortable, and I find myself lost in editing for hours on end. An element that I’ve never had in a dining room, or really any room other than a bedroom, is a large mirror, and I love it so much. The mirror reflects so much light and makes the room feel much bigger than it is.

lone fox home's dining room

How does it make you feel to be in there? 

The vibes just feel so good in the dining room! From the sunlight it gets throughout the day to the décor I placed throughout, it feels warm, inspiring, and collected! It’s just a comfortable space to be in. 


Tell us about the design choices, decor, and accessories.

I wanted something very warm and collected with unique vintage décor I’ve obtained throughout the years. I used a lot of natural wood, including my 1,000-pound dining table made from shipping containers. I found the vintage tapestry hanging on the wall at a rug store, and it fit the space perfectly! Almost everything in the space is vintage and sourced all by myself.


How did you come up with this stunning color palette?

I wanted something warm, and because the dining room opens to the kitchen and coffee bar nook, I wanted the space to easily transition but still stand on its own. I decided to do a limewash paint to still give a little movement on the walls and I used the color Bistrot by Portola Paints. A good majority of the decor elements and accents are made of natural materials like wood, iron, etc. I wanted to keep the Spanish elements in the room, but add my own vintage touches to create a unique and inviting space.


Any interesting stories about how you sourced any of the items?

The light is one of my favorite finds! I found it on Facebook Marketplace for only $100, and then I found it online listed on Chairish for over $5,000, so that was a major score! And of course, the table. It was actually the first-ever piece of vintage furniture that I bought, so it has a special place in my heart.

Amber Katz