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Samantha Stathis-Lynch on Transforming a Bread Factory Into a Charming Home

05.16.2024 — Amber Katz

Though Samantha Stathis-Lynch of interior design studio Samantha Ware Designs isn’t a classically trained designer, her aesthetic eye is strong. (She earned a Master’s degree in fine and decorative art history.) She began her career authenticating pieces of art and furniture and working in some of New York’s top galleries. In pursuit of a more creative component of the industry, she went on to work at de Gournay, and then as a curator for the antiques and vintage department at One Kings Lane. Samantha joined the company’s design team and worked on several large-scale commercial and residential projects with the director before ultimately setting out on her own.

Today, she has clients from Houston to New York, and many projects in the pipeline — including one in her own historic building, formerly the Wonder Bread factory. We chatted with Samantha about her favorite space in her home, sourcing her decor, and more. 

samantha lynch near her window

Tell us about your favorite space in your home.

My husband Chris, our puppy, and I live in a loft apartment that was once a bread factory. We’re very lucky to have a really bright and airy main living area — my absolute favorite spot to hang out.  We have a large window which allows light to stream in all day and every time I walk down the hall and into the living room for my morning cup of coffee, I feel as though I’ve been transported to some old mill in Europe despite being in Hoboken, New Jersey!


In three words, how would you describe it?

Eclectic, charming, rustic.

samantha lynch and her pup in loft apartment

How do you use the space?

This is a multifunctional space, as it acts as a living room, dining area, kitchen, and an office for my husband who has a hybrid work schedule. It’s true open-plan living, which has its pros and cons, but what I love about it is that our entire back wall is made of exposed brick and iron beams.


It has so much character and the brick has this patina to it that accentuates the materials texture. We spend a lot of time curled up on the sofa watching movies with a glass of wine and hosting dinner parties, something I absolutely love to do.


In the warmer months, we’ll open up the glass doors onto our patio, letting in fresh air and the aromas from our potted roses and herbs — it’s a little slice of heaven in an otherwise busy city.

kitchen in loft

How often do you use the space?

Every day! This is the heart of the home because apart from sleeping, everything is done here. I have an office, but sometimes I’ll sit at my kitchen table, put some music on, and work for hours. The lighting is inspirational and puts me in such a good mood. I love to cook, so I’m always at the kitchen island putting something together. I’m basically always here.

samantha lynch's loft apartment

How does it make you feel to be there?


I wanted this space to feel warm and inviting, with a mix of old and new. My personal aesthetic leans a little more traditional while my husband’s is more modern. One thing we agree on is that we love things with character. We filled the room with one-of-a-kind antiques and in an effort to keep everything bright and open, I opted for our upholstered pieces in varying linens, stripes and natural motifs.

Hoboken loft
tablescape with samantha
samantha lynch's loft apartment

Tell us about the design choices, decor, and accessories.

When we first bought this place, while it had character and charm from its exposed brick and iron details, the developers had put in a very contemporary and streamlined kitchen. In an effort to further the space’s charm, we tore out the existing kitchen and swapped it for a dark blue Shaker style one. Being such a statement, the blue influenced the rest of the space, and acted as a silver thread throughout the apartment.


The first thing I purchased was a taupe Moroccan rug with blocks of dark indigo and ochre color. The scale of this “pattern” meant that I needed to find smaller patterns to contrast it. I found a pair of vintage mid-century chairs and had them reupholstered in a beautiful Pierre Frey fabric reminiscent of antique tapestries and added Zak and Fox pillows to our linen Jenni Kayne slipcovered sofa. Chris likes to say that if a beach house and European factory had a baby, this would be it. Not what you’d envision in the Manhattan area but somehow, it works.

I wanted this space to feel warm and inviting, with a mix of old and new.


How did you come up with this color palette?

My two favorite colors are blue and green, and in an effort to avoid a very holiday-esque home year round, my gut told me to contrast the red color of the brick with a rich blue. From there, I added in layers of burnt orange and olive green. Chris and I found a stunning painting by Krista Harris while in Colorado that had all of our colors in it, and bought it as a wedding present to each other. It ties the space together perfectly!


Is there a theme or motif for this space?

I wanted this space to feel like a city escape, so while we have nods to our busy city lives, such as our oversize prints of Grand Central and Delmonico’s by Trevor Parker, I brought in a lot of the natural world. From our Pierre Frey upholstered chairs to our varying plants, there is a subtle nod to the countryside, a place Chris and I feel most at home. Chris is English and grew up in a magical cottage with the most spectacular garden.  I wanted there to be subtle nods to his upbringing, so we have antique landscapes, natural stoneware, and chintzes dotted throughout.

upholstered chairs

Any interesting stories about how you sourced any of the items?

I would say about 50% of what’s in our living area is vintage or antique. We love the character and warmth old objects bring to a space, so a large part of what’s in here was sourced while on trips together. Any time we go away, I’m always looking for an antiques shop or warehouse. My favorite piece(s), my 1960s chairs, I found via Instagram and drove five hours to pick up.

Photography: Trevor Parker

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