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Mansplaining: Skin Care

07.12.2023 — The frens(he) editors

Calling Tim Quinn a beauty and grooming expert is like saying LeBron James is a basketball player. Technically accurate, but it doesn’t really explain just how good his game is. Tim spent 20 years as the head makeup artist for Armani Beauty, where he worked alongside Giorgio Armani and with countless other high-profile clients for events like the Oscars and the ESPYs. These days, Tim is focused on cultivating inner peace and well-being as the co-founder of Halo 42, a genderless line of skin care. We asked him to mansplain what guys need to know about taking care of our skin—and, ideally, keeping it as simple as possible. We’ll let Tim take it from here:  

Men have more questions about skin than they once did. I think all of those video calls during the pandemic made men more aware of how their skin looks and feels. Most men tend to spend time on their body, and not so much the biggest organ—the skin—until it’s too late. And we don’t realize how fast time passes! You might suddenly notice that your skin doesn’t have the luster or shine that it once did, but there are things we can do to keep things as good as they can be. 

I like to keep it simple. You really only need a three-step process: cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF. A great facial cleanser will do a lot. Cleanse your face in the shower with a product that’s specifically for your face, not body wash or soap. Apply moisturizer or an oil every morning and every night, and sunscreen with SPF in the morning. I’m obsessed with Hampton Sun; it’s lightweight and performs. Men are less inclined to use sun protection, so there’s often a little more damage—but sunscreen can prevent more from happening. 

If you want to go to the next level, you can get really good results from a mask. Our Halo 42 Glow Recovery Mask has been a huge hit as we’ve crisscrossed the country with Ironman triathlons. The athletes love it as it gently removes the debris of the day, and you get amazing results in just 15-20 minutes a few times a week or as needed. You put it on, go about your business for 15 minutes, and when you remove it, your skin looks refreshed. 

Skin care is a part of taking care of yourself—and that’s okay for guys to do. For me, self care isn’t so much about vanity; it’s more about keeping a balance of who I am in my head. When you find something that resonates for you, it doesn’t become a chore. It just becomes part of your life.

The frens(he) editors