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The Everything Shower: a Comprehensive Guide

09.11.2023 — Luiza Bargo

Have you ever heard of an everything shower? Maybe you are like me and have occasionally done it before, not realizing there was a name for it. Or, maybe, everything showers are a huge part of your self-care rituals and something you do every week or month without fail. For those that have no idea what I’m talking about (don’t worry, I didn’t know either) “everything showers” refer to the practice of bundling time-consuming things like body exfoliation, hair masks, and shaving all into a dedicated day.

Whether this is something you already do or something you’re interested in including in your routine, we’re here to break it down into easy steps that you can follow. The best part? You don’t actually need to do it all in one go. Ultimately, self-care should always be about finding what makes you feel better, so if any of this isn’t your thing, feel free to skip it!

Start out of the shower

Before you even turn the faucet on, there are a few things you will want to do. First, start out by putting hair oil on your scalp (rosemary is good for growth) and applying your favorite hair mask starting from below the ear to the ends (I love Being Frenshe’s Lavender Cloud mask). Cover it with plastic wrap, a shower cap, or a heat cap to activate the deep conditioning. Anywhere from 20 minutes to two to three hours should do it.

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If you prefer waxing to shaving or going natural, and you take the DIY approach, this is the time to do wax. Then you’ll want to use a dry brush on your whole body, as that helps get rid of dead skin cells, improves circulation, and can even improve certain skin conditions like keratosis pilaris. Use this time to do a face mask you love, then shave your face, if that’s something you do. Remember to start with a fresh, clean razor, apply your favorite face oil to help it glide better, and be very gentle in order to avoid nicking.

Before you hop in the shower, place a delivery order. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than feeling squeaky clean and relaxed and realizing you’re starving and need to cook. Instead, order in your favorite treat so it can be ready and waiting for you when you’re done (just make sure to time it accordingly)!

Take things in steps

Start off by removing the wrap and rinsing your hair. To help with this step, you’ll want to use a scalp scrub and/or a clarifying shampoo–both serve a similar purpose in helping you get rid of buildup that can occur due to oils, styling products, and even pollution. When cleaning your hair, “activate” the shampoo by lathering on your hands before applying, focusing on your roots, then rinsing and repeating. This old advice is important because the first shampoo cleans and the second helps with other functions, like smoothing, toning, etc. It’s okay to use two different shampoos during this step, as the clarifying kind should be used in moderation. After, go in with the hair mask a second time in lieu of traditional conditioner.

While that sets in, use this time to exfoliate. For this step, you may want to use a body scrub or an AHA body wash—whatever works best for you. A few things worth noting, though: when exfoliating after a wax, be gentle in order to avoid causing unnecessary skin irritation, and whether your shave or wax, avoid chemical exfoliants immediately before or after. Rinse that off, then shave (always with the help of shaving cream or a body wash), and wash your face. Double cleansing is also important here to ensure you get rid of all impurities! I like a combo of Farmacy’s Green Clean Balm when I need to remove any makeup and Tatcha Rice Wash for daily use.

Important: since the water washes you from top to bottom, you want to make sure you finish cleaning your hair before starting on your body, so rinse off the hair mask before you move on. When it comes to cleaning your body, go in with a regular body wash, then an oil-based body wash, and finish it off with a body oil–all while still in the shower. This will keep you smelling good, and help maintain your skin moisturized whether you’ve been splashing in bodies of water all summer or taking scalding hot showers in the winter.

Bonus tip: If you struggle with body acne, try a combination of using an African net sponge (aka sapo sponge) and applying Versed’s Acne-Control Body Mist on the affected areas.

After the shower

If you can have a freshly washed, still-warm-from-the-dryer towel in this step, you will not regret it! Then put on your favorite robe or lounge set so you can be comfortable while you keep going. Take this time to do your skin care routine (we love skin cycling) and hair care. As a bonus, you can add in a lip mask, then load up on lip balm when that’s done.

Lastly, mix in some body oil with your moisturizer and apply it all over to make sure all of the work you just put in lasts as long as possible before you have the time and/or energy to do this again. By now your food should have arrived, so go make sure you’re nourishing yourself on the inside as well! And remember, you don’t have to do all of the steps every time you decide to take an everything shower. Ultimately, the important part is getting you to feel clean and refreshed—however that looks like for you.

  • Luiza Bargo is a Brazilian writer and graphic designer based in Texas. She loves discussing harm reduction in the beauty and wellness industry, sustainable fashion, and all things nerdy. Follow her on Instagram (@luizabargo) to keep up with her work.

Luiza Bargo
Luiza Bargo is a Brazilian writer and graphic designer based in Texas. She loves discussing harm reduction in the beauty and wellness industry, sustainable fashion, and all things nerdy. Follow her on Instagram (@luizabargo) to keep up with her work.