This Gemini Season Is Asking You To Think

05.19.2022 — Camila Rivera

Camila Rivera is a Colombian astrologer based in North Carolina. She comes from a line of spiritualists and curanderas–and subsequently found herself inherently drawn to the occult since childhood. She has been a student of astrology for the past six years. 

If you find yourself suddenly overcome with the need to change your life—whether it means picking up a new hobby, redoing your living room, or taking that long awaited vacation—don’t be alarmed. It’s just Gemini season kicking in. The sun moves into the playful sign of Gemini on May 20th, allowing us to call in the versatile energy that comes with it! 


Gemini is a mutable sign and as such are no strangers to change. On the contrary! The natives of this sign enjoy nothing more than a good ol’ transformation.  At its core, Gemini is a humanitarian sign. There is no greater expression of their love for humanity than the arts. This season will usher in an atmosphere of creativity (often through song, dance, and the written word), so let yourself be drawn to impulses of open expression.


The keyphrase for Gemini season is “I think.” During this astrological season, the Universe is asking you to think about certain themes as they pertain to your life. To understand what Gemini season means for you, follow your rising sign as it is the sign on our ascendant that dictates the order in which we experience universal themes.

For Aries Rising: The Gemini sun will be illuminating your third house of communication and short-range travel. This is a time in which you may feel inspired to write that book you’ve been thinking about or take that trip you’ve had on your vision board for the past year. Lean into these urgings! You never know what type of enlightenment you might write yourself into or who you may meet upon embarking on that journey. 

For Taurus Risings: The Gemini sun will be illuminating your second house of values, possessions, and resources. With the messenger god (Mercury) also retrograding through this house, there is a serious need for this rising sign to take inventory of their possessions. This is a perfect time for reevaluation and realignment to the relationship with what you value and what brings you security (or stirs up your insecurities!) 

For Gemini Risings: No one is having a better astrological season than you Gemini Rising folks! The sun is shining in your first house, ruling the self and bringing a sense of vitality with it. You might get the urge to change your appearance or find yourself filled with enough motivation to commit to that fitness plan you’ve been procrastinating. This season should be all about illuminating the things you love the most about yourself and not getting discouraged when the sun shines its light on a corner you forgot to dust. 

For Cancer Risings: I am urging the folks with Cancer rising to have grace with themselves as the sun transits their twelfth house of instincts, intuition, sorrows, and dreams. Twelfth house transits are hard. When the sun moves into this house, it can feel a little like the power’s gone out. There’s purpose in this though. This season is asking Cancer Risings to undergo a cleansing (whether physical, spiritual, or mental). This is an ideal time to meditate, read a book, or enjoy a long contemplative nature walk. 

For Leo Risings: What a prosperous time for Leo Risings! The sun is illuminating your eleventh house of friends, community, and other social networks. You might feel more inclined to accept the invitations you were previously denying yourself. The eleventh house also rules wishes, so you might catch yourself daydreaming about the goals you want to achieve. 

For Virgo Risings: The sun is currently transiting through your tenth house, which rules careers and public figures. Right now, this rising sign is taking note of how they’re showing up in the world (particularly in their professional roles). If some of you are considering asking for a raise, now would be the time to do so! This is a time where authority figures are taking note of you more than usual; if you’ve been putting in the work it will certainly show during this transit. 

For Libra Risings: The sun—which is currently transiting through your ninth house of higher education, religion, long-term travel, and philosophy—finds its joy here. Education, in whatever form, is calling to you – answer the phone! This is a beneficial time to pick up a new hobby, as well as delving deeper into a specialization you already have. This transit serves as a reminder that no matter how old we grow, we will always be students of the cosmos and all its many lessons. There is no such thing as an end to education, whether you’re currently enrolled in a program or not. 

For Scorpio Risings: Scorpio Risings are no strangers to the art of transformation. The sun transiting through your eighth house of death, inheritance, and the occult could mean that secrets that were being held from you are finally finding their way into the light. Whatever new information you receive during this time will ultimately benefit you in the long run (even if it hurts in the short term). With new information, a new point of view can be formed. While shedding old mindsets may be a teensy bit painful, it’s also a huge relief at the end.

For Sagittarius Risings: The sun illuminates your seventh house of one-on-one relationships. This can mean business partners, long-term relationships, and open enemies. Those who are already in committed relationships might find themselves focused on their partners and relationships during this time; those without a committed relationship might find themselves saying “A little summer romance wouldn’t hurt.” 

For Capricorn Risings: The sun is currently moving through your sixth house of health, wellness, and daily routines. The Universe is begging y’all to focus on your wellness with the same intensity you place on your career. The body is only able to take care of you if you take care of it! Now is the time for Capricorn Risings to schedule those doctors and dentists appointments you’ve been putting off. As a reward for doing the hard work, rearrange your skincare routine! Buy a bath bomb! Book a facial and a massage. You deserve it.

For Aquarius Risings: The sun transiting through your fifth house of romance, creativity, and pleasure is such an idyllic moment! Aquarius Risings might find themselves gripped with muse; creative pursuits take the forefront at this time. Art, poetry, and music will find themselves the center of this rising sign’s attention. Go to a museum, watch a provocative film, and enjoy chocolate. This is a time to indulge in earthly pleasures.

For Pisces Risings: The sun is currently illuminating your fourth house of home and foundations. During this transit, Pisces Risings will find themselves focused on their home. This transit feels a little like the nesting people with wombs do in their final trimester of pregnancy, so don’t feel alarmed if you’re currently called to redecorate your home! Sometimes a change is needed. Some spiritual practices preach the benefits of rearranging furniture every now and again in order to move stagnant energy in the home. 

Camila Rivera