This Leo Season Is About Healing Your Inner Child

07.22.2022 — Camila Rivera

Camila Rivera is a Colombian astrologer based in North Carolina. She comes from a line of spiritualists and curanderas–and subsequently found herself inherently drawn to the occult since childhood. She has been a student of astrology for the past six years. 

Lights…camera…action! Leo season takes center stage on July 22nd, forcing the final curtain call on a Cancer season that had us well and truly in our feels. And what a dramatic shift it is! Our crabby friends love their creature comforts and their sense of control, but Leos love losing it. This astrological season, allow yourself to dive headlong into hedonism. Stay up past your bedtime! Eat the last slice of chocolate cake! Live your life without regret!


When the sun moves into Leo’s essence, the vibe turns a little electric. This has to do with traditional astrology’s position on essential dignities, which asserts that the heavenly bodies can find themselves strengthened (or weakened) depending on their zodiacal position. The sun—domicile in Leo—feels right at home in this energy. Under Leo’s spotlight, the star at the center of our universe finds itself revitalized and reminded, once more, of the important role it plays on the cosmic stage. 

The keyphrase for Leo season is “I will.” Leos love to lounge, but there’s nothing our leonine friends can’t achieve once they set their hearts to it. And with this star sign, everything is about the heart. Leo rules this body part—as well as the spine—under medical astrology (hence: the phrase “lionhearted”) and their reputation for being one of the most big-hearted signs in the zodiac precedes them. That’s why this Leo season, we’re being asked to take a cue from the king of the cosmic jungle and let ourselves be led by our hearts.

To do so, you must learn to trust yourself. You must forgive yourself. The universe wants you to heal, not simply recover. It wants you to dream the way you did when you were a child: limitlessly. This is an auspicious time for inner child work as Leo is often linked with the fifth house in astrology, which rules children and creative expression. The sun in Leo is asking us: who were you before you were taught cynicism? What could you do if you could live a life without shame?

I know, I know—these are big asks. The world is so cruel, and sometimes we feel so small, but this is the season for them! Now, more than ever, the universe is conspiring in your favor. The world is your oyster and hope springs eternal. In Leo season, anything is possible. A handy affirmation for this season can be found in the immortal words of Ariana Grande: “I want it, I got it.” Why? Because you deserve it.


The full moon in Aquarius on July 23rd starts Leo season off with a bang.

It’s more than likely that, under this lunation, we’ll be confronted with personal conflicts/crises as the moon will be in opposition to the sun in the sky. Don’t worry—these trials and tribulations are only being put in place for the purpose of overcoming them. The universe doesn’t want to trip you up, it just wants to push you to be your best self. This transit is here to remind us that, as long as we’re coming from the heart, we can’t go wrong.

Leo season is usually a fortuitous time for a love affair, but Venus puts a damper on these plans when she enters Virgo on July 21st. The goddess of love is uncomfortable in Virgo’s house (a planet “in fall,” in astro-speak) which means she’ll be more nitpicky than usual. She’s not asking for a grand gesture, she’s asking for a 10-year plan! The vibes chill out considerably when Venus moves into Libra, the sign of its domicile, on August 16th.

Mercury bursts into Leo on July 27th—the messenger god suddenly finding himself center stage, microphone in hand. Communication comes easier during this, bolstered by Leo’s natural confidence. This transit can be a fruitful time for creative expression as long as you don’t let yourself get bogged down by the details.

The time to focus on the details will come when Mars enters Virgo on July 29th. In this position, the god of war is here to remind us that battles are won through a succession of small victories. You’ll find an extra boost of motivation around this time, particularly in changing and improving small, day-to-day habits. This transit is also an auspicious time to learn to listen to our intuition as messages from the universe—bolstered by Mars, the planet of animal instincts, in Virgo, which rules the gut (and gut feelings)—will be heard loud and clear.

This Leo season will present us with opportunities surrounding fear and faith. We’ll learn how to differentiate between our anxiety and our intuition. We’ll unlearn the shame that keeps our life small. And we’ll look so, so good while doing it. 

Camila Rivera