This Libra Season Is Inviting You to Rest

09.22.2022 — Camila Rivera

The sun breezily sweeps into Libra on September 22nd, inviting us to treat ourselves to a little R&R after the relentless ‘work hard/play hard’ energy of Virgo season. If anyone would know a thing or two about it, it would surely be Libra– a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of luxury. The goddess of love knows what she deserves, and won’t settle for anything less.


The keyphrase for this astrological season is “I balance.” Libra, represented by the scales, is the only sign in the zodiac without human representation–which tells us a lot.

The scales have a long history of association with justice; in Ancient Egypt, it was believed that, after death, Maat (the personification of law and order) weighed every person’s heart against a feather using a scale. What the goddess was looking for was the strength of morality inside the human heart and Libras, too, look for this. There is nothing this sign values more than truth or justice. It’s why, in the school of essential dignities, Saturn (the lord of karma) finds himself exalted under this sign. Libra energy seeks fairness and perceives gross acts of injustices as a personal affront. 

But what is fair? Grappling with abstract concepts like ‘good’ and ‘bad’ presents us with the eternal Libran conundrum: What makes something wrong or right? What makes a person good or evil? And how does one decide either way? Libras catch a lot of flak for their indecisive nature as natives of this sign are known to go back and forth between two options, unable to make up their minds. But how could they? These are big concepts! And they’re constantly weighing the truth and consequences of it all on their mental scale. 

This astrological season is ripe for opportunities to check in with ourselves, and perhaps re-evaluate our inner sense of justice. It’s okay if it’s changed–as an air sign, Libra embraces change because it understands that our sense of self (and what is important to us) can evolve through the different situations we may experience. Seek out your friends as sounding boards, as Libran energy is such that it tends to define itself through its relationships with other people.

The scales, suspended above in that lonesome sea of stars, seeks out humanity and finds it in its purest form through interpersonal relationships. Libra, ruled by Venus–the planet of love and diplomacy, is also associated with the seventh house in astrology, ruling marriage and partnerships. There’s a reason why “cuffing season” starts in Libra season, after all. This sign wants to work in community with others, and it wants a contribution–big or small.


The winds of Libra are here to turn over new leaves as the season starts off with a new moon under this same sign. The universe is asking us to set intentions around our relationship with others. How are we showing up for the people we love most? How are they showing up for us in turn? And more importantly: how can we show up for our community? Oftentimes we get so caught up in our own grind that we forget to live intentionally–this Libra new moon is really asking us to do the work. 

Venus joins in on the fun on September 29th when she comes home to rest in Libra’s house. Domicile under this sign, Venus finds herself able to really articulate her moods and it just so happens that she’s in the mood for love. This could be a favorable time for a date night, whether you’re putting yourself out there or celebrating your love with a partner.

Mercury finally goes direct in Virgo on October 2nd–flinging us out of a truly wretched retrograde. Miscommunications will clear up, and you won’t find yourself making as many small errors at work as before. Pluto, the lord of transformations, will also goes direct in Capricorn on October 8th after a five month retrograde. Capricornian themes–such as institutions and the rule of law–will have been challenged, both within ourselves and without, as seen with recent rulings

It should be noted that three planets (of the six) that were retrograde are going direct during Libra season–whatever lessons we’ve all learned over these past few months have to transform our relationship (to ourselves and others).  Libra season is here to remind you that if you want to go fast, you can go alone…but if you want to go far, you should go together.

Camila Rivera