This Sagittarius Season Is Asking You To Seek Joy

11.22.2022 — Camila Rivera

The philosopher (and famous Sagittarius) George Santayana once said, “There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.” On the other side of Scorpio’s shadows–and the Big Questions™ surrounding life and afterlife–we find ourselves saddled with the task of finding insurmountable joy in a sea of sorrow. The sun’s transition into Sagittarius’ home fires on November 22nd is urging us towards a higher level of consciousness, one which requires the total clarity and wisdom found within this season’s keyphrase: “I see.”

Welcome to Sagittarius Season!

As an archetype, Sagittarius truly represents both sides of a coin. This sign is often associated with Chiron: the sage centaur of Greek mythology who excelled in science, medicine, ethics, and martial arts and counted the heroes Jason, Achilles, and Hercules among his pupils; who, despite his expertise, was unable to heal himself when wounded by a poison arrow. The symbology here is rich: Sagittarius often struggles between the choice of their baser animal instinct and their higher reasoning. On the one hand lies what feels good, on the other hand rests what is right, and often (too often) these are not one in the same. The high road may be lonely, but it is full of grace.

Then there is the matter of the poison arrow; Chiron is famously known as “the wounded healer.” If anything, Sagittarius season is a time to confront our innermost wounds. It’s almost human nature to take all of our sorrow and stuff it into a room and to shut the windows and lock the door behind us, never once looking back. But things that are left in the dark to rot always fester and there can be no peace in that. This season is an invitation to unlock the door, open all the windows, and let the light rush in.

Ultimately, Sagittarius season is about seeking out what sparks joy. At their best, natives of these signs are optimistic, charismatic, and buoyantly abundant. They seek out experiences in the form of adventure because they–better than anyone–know that experience is the mother of wisdom. Take a page out of the Sagittarius playbook and go boldly! Mighty forces will surely come to your aid.

Seasonal Forecast

This astrological season–true to form–kicks off with a new moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd. This is an especially auspicious time to manifest your wildest dreams. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter; a benefic in astrology, widely considered the Lord of Luck; and those that work closely with the moon will tell you that there is no better time to begin a pursuit than a new moon. With Jupiter moving into Pisces mere minutes after the new moon enters Sagittarius–forming a trine, or an easy flow of energy, between the two planets–the urge to fulfill a calling (particularly those of a spiritual nature) will be accomplished under the light of a lucky star.

Jupiter stations direct in Pisces on November 23rd, concluding his retrograde through Aries’ house. Since midsummer, this transit has felt a bit like a firewalk; there’s a sudden sense of urgency revolving around the “bigger picture.” Are we looking towards the future? Are we evolving? Are we innovating? More importantly: do we have our shit together?? Now that Jupiter (the guru) is moving into Pisces’ spiritual waters–as well as its place of exaltation!–the time has come to consider which paths opened up to you during the retrograde transit through Aries, and trust your intuition to lead you to the right one. Let yourself be filled with mystery and wonder and the Universe will show you how loving it truly is–but remember! The retrograde transit through Aries was meant to ground us so that–in Pisces–we don’t lose ourselves in either earthly pleasures (as Jupiter often likes to indulge in) nor the euphoria of evanescence back into the collective (which Pisces often craves).

Neptune also stations direct in Pisces on December 3rd, acting as an effective foil to the energy Mercury and Venus are bringing when they burst into Capricorn on December 6th and 9th, respectively. Neptune in Pisces infuses the atmosphere with a dreamy vibe, softening the no-nonsense attitude Mercury and Venus are entrenched in during their transit in Capricorn. The messenger god requires practicality in all communication while the goddess of love demands stability and financial security. Neptune, ever the big brother, will remind his little siblings that while it’s good to have goals, control–ultimately–remains an illusion. Don’t forget to loosen up!

Camila Rivera