This Virgo Season Is Asking You To Analyze

08.22.2022 — Camila Rivera

Camila Rivera is a Colombian astrologer based in North Carolina. She comes from a line of spiritualists and curanderas–and subsequently found herself inherently drawn to the occult since childhood. She has been a student of astrology for the past six years. 

On August 22nd, the sun officially moves into Virgo. Summer has ended and the party that was Leo season is officially over—but it doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. The keyphrase for Virgo season is: “I analyze.” During this astrological season, the universe is asking you to marry emotional intuition with logical reasoning in order to make the best move forward into the future.


A verse from Ecclesiastes always wanders into my mind when the sun moves into Virgo each year. It says: “to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.” Fitting, I think, as the constellation Virgo is often depicted as a woman holding an ear of corn—a nod to the sign’s ancient association with the Greek goddess Demeter’s harvest aspect.

And no one knows harvesting better than Virgos. Natives born under this sign are renowned for their work ethic. Their pet projects, the various flora that makes up the garden of their lives, are all tended to with meticulous care. They’re notorious for their ten-point-plans; they can’t understand how anyone finds success without organization. This feeling may be due to the fact that Mercury (Virgo’s planetary ruler) is exalted in the 15° of Virgo—which tells us that mercurious energy is best applied when it is harnessed and refined with a fine-toothed comb. If this doesn’t sound like it fits with the Virgo you know, then that Virgo simply hasn’t found their direction yet.

Virgo’s essence, as both sign and archetype, boils down to servitude. Though this typically manifests itself in service towards humanity (like with Mother Teresa or Prince Harry, both famous Virgos who dedicated their lives to philanthropy), the need to serve can be satisfied by serving any higher good, so long as it is authentic to the individual spirit. Each of us has our own purpose—whether it be to create more beauty, truth, or love in the world—and Virgo season is a reminder that success means staying true to ourselves and resisting the urge to sell out.

Virgo is also associated with the sixth house in astrology, ruling health and diseases, as well as employment and daily routines. Virgo season is the perfect time to turn your attention inward and take note of which daily routines are empowering you and which are not. It is a fortuitous time to tend to yourself and your health, as this astrological season is a reminder that the mind, no matter how great and agile it may be, is useless without the body. 

Camila Rivera, Frenshe’s In-House Astrologer


Uranus, regarded as the great awakener in astrology, is giving us a respite from his sudden strikes of divine inspiration heading into Virgo season as we go into retrograde in Taurus on August 24th. Since his entrance into this fixed earth sign in 2018, Uranus in Taurus has consistently urged us to question our long-held beliefs centering themes of security and value. Uranus will remain retrograde in Taurus until January 2023, allowing us a long five months of [Kylie Jenner voice] realizing things.

Mercury settles into Libra’s domain on August 25th. Occasionally, the messenger god gets carried away in a rapidfire exchange of facts and details, wounding feelings without meaning to. In Libra, a sign of harmony and balance, he is reminded why we were blessed with the gift of communication: to understand one another, to connect with one another. During this transit, we find ourselves more inclined towards diplomacy and using our charm to achieve it. The age-old adage of catching more flies with honey than with vinegar proving to be truer than ever during this transit.

Normally a Mercury in Libra transit isn’t an auspicious time to make a life-altering decision, as Mercury finds himself plagued with indecision in this sign. During this Virgo season, we’ll see Mercury go retrograde in Libra, emphasizing the need to proceed with caution–especially with interpersonal relationships. Libra is Venus-ruled, and when the messenger god enters a sign infused with Venus’ essence he can’t help but get a little flirty. During any other time this would be a harmless thing, but during a Mercury retrograde, it can confuse others and blur boundaries. 

The new moon in Virgo on August 27th is followed by the full moon in Pisces on September 10th. This is the perfect exclamation point to the lessons this Virgo season has to offer us: get your affairs in order, review your plans meticulously, and then shoot for the stars! The universe is waiting to give you everything you want, you need only ask.

Camila Rivera