Venus Has Entered Virgo—And You Might Feel Like ‘Fixing’ People

07.21.2021 — Dylan Schoeben

Hello friends, Doses of Astrology here!

Venus—the planet that desires love, harmony, security, and safety — entered Virgo today. Most of us follow the Sun and the Moon but forget that there are 8 other planets in the sky transiting through the 12 constellations. These planets have an impact on all of us. Some planets move too quickly for us to even notice while other planets move a lot more slowly and thus we are able to feel their impact. Venus takes about 3 weeks to move from the beginning of one sign to the next.

Before we talk about what it means for Venus to enter Virgo, it’s important for us to understand Venus itself. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. From the Taurus perspective, you can imagine Venus as “Mother Nature”. Venus wants us to create stability and to stay grounded; to stick to a routine in order to create security. From the Libra perspective, Venus is “Cupid”. Venus wants us to connect with people, to create harmony, to mediate situations, and of course, to find love and to be surrounded by art and beauty.

It helps to visualize each planet as a character. We can then begin to understand what happens when the character of Venus enters Virgo. The energy of Virgo is about improving things in order to be more efficient. Virgo just wants to fix things. Virgo hates waste. I am not talking about people who were born between August 20th and September 20th. Rather, I am speaking purely about the energy of this constellation. When you throw any planet into the Virgo constellation, that planet will want to improve itself.

The energy of Virgo is about improving things in order to be more efficient. Virgo just wants to fix things. Virgo hates waste.

This brings us to YOU. How does Venus in Virgo affect you? Well, from a broad standpoint, Venus in Virgo will make each of us look at all of the relationships in our lives and either applaud or reject them.

Typically, however, Virgo doesn’t applaud. Rather, Virgo will focus on all the problems. So be mindful and remember, if you are critiquing your friends, your business partners, or even your lovers, this is completely normal right now.

The conflict with critiquing others is that you are forming a judgment. The question then becomes are you judging for the sake of making someone feel worse about themselves or are you judging for the sake of wanting to improve the relationship? Also, ask yourself how will this person receive the information? Are they evolved enough to understand that you have great intentions or are they going to take it personally and ignore what you have to say? It is especially important during this time to keep your judgments to yourself until you feel you can discuss them with your partner in a constructive and proactive way.

It is also important to note that you can’t change someone. You must take responsibility for only yourself and what you bring to the relationship. How can you be more communicative? Can you share calendars? Are there assumptions that are being made? What is the purpose of the relationship? Are you doing your part?

You must take responsibility for only yourself and what you bring to the relationship.

Again, you can’t change someone. You are only in control of yourself. While Venus is in Virgo, it’ll be important for you to recognize HOW YOU CAN IMPROVE YOURSELF with regards to RELATIONSHIPS. Of course, it will be helpful if your partner also wants to grow and improve. That way they don’t take what you say personally.

Lastly, Virgo is also the energy of health and digestion so be mindful of your body. You may want to go to the gym or do more physical activities for the sake of feeling more beautiful. This could be a great time to create those time blocks in your calendar. For example, Monday through Friday 2:00 to 3:30 is workout time. My boss knows this. My husband knows this. This allows everyone in my life to know Dylan is at the gym so there’s no point in trying to get in touch with her.

Alright, now that you know more about Venus in Virgo, enjoy these next few weeks. Take the time to recognize the benefits and the flaws of your relationships. See if there is something proactive you can do. Communicate and don’t take things personally. It is all about your growth at the end of the day!

Dylan Schoeben