AM/PM: Beatrice Dixon of The Honey Pot

03.15.2023 — The Frenshe Editors

AM/PM is an editorial series where we talk to the founders of our beloved non-toxic brands. From the morning to night, we find out how they balance work with self-care.

Hi, I’m Beatrice Dixon, CEO, Co-Founder, and Chief Innovation Officer of The Honey Pot Company, the vulva and vaginal wellness brand “made by humans with vaginas, for humans with vaginas.” I created The Honey Pot Company in 2014 out of great personal need during an eight month battle with bacterial vaginosis. The constant symptoms and fruitless search for solutions led me to formulate what became The Honey Pot Company’s first product, a vulva-safe wash. From that product, I’ve grown The Honey Pot Company into a plant-derived vaginal wellness powerhouse, intent on providing products that are made with plant-derived and efficacious ingredients that are safe for and kind to skin.

Beatrice Dixon, CEO and co- founder of The Honey Pot

6:00am: Waking up…

I meditate. I don’t meditate every day, but on the days that I do, I listen to a sound meditation playlist I curated on Apple Music. I also meditate differently all the time. Sometimes I meditate sitting, or cooking, or even taking a shower. 


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When I get ready in the morning I’m pretty minimal when it comes to products, but I’ve been using our Vulva Cream as a face cream, actually! The formula is beautiful, smells delicious and is super efficacious. I rotate between our different washes, but this morning I used our Cucumber Wash.  I also use our Cucumber Wipes, and I throw these in my bag too because they can be used on your full body and are super easy for a quick refresh!

07:30am: To nourish myself…

I always fuel myself with foods that I know are going to help me get through the day. I think about what is going to help my body, mind and soul. This morning I’m going to make a warm roasted veggie bowl. I’m also going to have some coffee with Peak + Valley adaptogens. This is one of my favorite companies. Throughout the day though, you’ll usually find me obsessing over my water intake and fixing myself a cup of peppermint tea.


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11:00am: My favorite part of the job is…

Getting to connect with my team! Three years ago there were no more than 12 humans at The Honey Pot, and now we have 55+ humans and are growing! During these past few years, I’ve gained an immense amount of trust and confidence in the humans that are leading and building The Honey Pot and I really think that communicates. It’s humbling to both learn and see things from a diversity of perspectives with varying degrees of experience. We also operate as a family and we are able to have uncomfortable, raw conversations that ensure we’re bringing both the absolute best products and education to our humans.

2:00pm: To focus…

I listen to my body and heart. Often that just means pausing. That can be one of the hardest things I do throughout the course of my day.  

I also like to remember why I do what I do and that our customers rely on us to provide the best. Vaginas are serious business. I always want to keep innovating and expanding how humans think about their vaginas and vaginal care.

5:00pm: I feel most fulfilled when…

Interacting with our community! This month is super special for The Honey Pot Company because we have our Reclaiming Wellness Masterclass Series going on for Black History Month. While Black humans with vaginas have been paramount in shaping the self-care and wellness space, we have often been removed from the story. An integral part of empowering our community to reclaim wellness is connecting with self – mind, body & soul and committing ourselves to transformative self-care. So this month I’ll be traveling across the country and leading a celebration of culture with some really amazing and special guests at our favorite HBCUs.

08:00pm: To recharge for the next day…

I like to disconnect from social media! Since being online is inherently part of the job, I try to get offline and connect with the people I love the most.

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