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AM/PM: Anna Lahey of Vida Glow

07.14.2023 — The Frenshe Editors

AM/PM is an editorial series where we talk to the founders of non-toxic brands. From the morning to night, we find out how they balance work with self care. Up next: Anna Lahey of Vida Glow.


Vida Glow is, quite simply, my passion. Everything from the brand’s beginnings, philosophy and scientific innovation reflect my personal drive for helping people discover real results from ingestible beauty. My own introduction to ingestible beauty was completely transformative. After suffering from hair loss and trying every supplement available, I only achieved tangible results from marine collagen. I invested into the research to understand the science behind the results I was seeing. The evidence was clear, and I knew I had to share this with more people.

[6:00 a.m.] Waking up, I…

Check my phone. I know it’s not the healthiest habit, but it’s the reality of owning a global business. A lot can happen overnight across different time zones while I’m asleep. It’s also the brief moment I get to check in before the kids wake up and it’s all hands-on-deck getting them ready for the day.

[7:00 a.m.] To nourish myself, I…

Practice balance! I don’t put pressure on myself to eat a certain diet or follow any hard rules—except everything in moderation. Some mornings I’ll have toast, or fruit and yogurt, other mornings I’ll survive on a coffee and chocolate. With three little children, two dogs and a growing business, I’m all about easing the pressure wherever I can.

[11:00 a.m.] My favorite part of the job is when I…

Receive DMs from our customers about the impact our products have had on them. They’re so open and sharing of their personal stories and struggles with concerns like acne, hair loss and aging in general, and how Vida Glow has helped them to feel more confident. I love connecting with people. It reminds me every day of our purpose as a brand.

anna's morning things

[12:00 p.m.] To focus, I…

Go for a walk. There’s nothing like movement and fresh air to gain some perspective, reset and find my focus after a busy morning. I also rely on lists. I have lists for lists. Listing out what I need to achieve in a day helps me to stay on track and avoid distractions. And when my energy starts to wain by the afternoon, I’ll take a shot of our Anti-G-Ox. It’s an antioxidant powder that you take on your tongue like sherbet. It tastes delicious and provides a natural pick-me-up.

[6:00 p.m.] I feel most fulfilled when I…

Come home to my family at the end of the day. My favorite thing in the world is putting my babies to bed and getting all the snuggles and kisses before they drift off.

[8:00 p.m] To recharge for the next day…

I’ll have a shower to wash the day away, then get into bed with a camomile tea with a sachet of our Original Natural Marine Collagen mixed in. It’s flavorless and heat-stable—and the perfect addition to my evening wind-down.

The Frenshe Editors