Why You Should Try Dry Brushing, And How to Do It the Right Way

03.30.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

Why Dry Brushing?

One of the most commonly reported benefits of dry brushing is lymphatic drainage, which leads to improved circulation. Your lymphatic system works in conjunction with your circulatory system so it makes sense for the two to go hand in hand. This helps eliminate toxins and dry brushing is a form of manual lymphatic drainage as you’re encouraging the body to push through toxins through the physical act of brushing. Through boosted circulation and safe exfoliation, the overall appearance of your skin is improved and looks softer and smoother. Avid dry brushes credit the practice to reducing the appearance of cellulite as well, although studies don’t seem to technically prove that theory.

How To Dry Brush

Brush Before You Shower

While it can be done at any time of the day, dry brushing is most effective before you hop in the shower. Why? Well, it’s simple. Since you’ll be physically exfoliating your skin, there will likely be dead particles and residue that you can easily rinse off in the shower once you’re done. While it sounds self-explanatory, your skin should also be completely dry outside of a body oil paired with your brush.


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Start From the Bottom Up & Apply Pressure 

Again, you’ll want to target both the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Follow the rule of brushing from the ankles up, and once you reach your torso continue brushing upward towards the heart. As for your stomach area, circular motions work best to target the lymphatic fluid that will get flushed out. Be sure to apply firm pressure and not have a loose hand for the best results.


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No More Than Twice a Week

At the end of the day, this is exfoliation, and you want to treat this the same way you’d treat exfoliation on your face. To keep your skin safe from irritation and inflammation, stick to dry brushing one to two times a week. While it’s beneficial, you don’t want to put your skin at risk for unwanted sensitivity.

Moisturize When You’re Done

After you shower off the work of your dry brush, it’s important to slather on some body lotion. Your skin will be sensitive, but open to receiving the most moisture possible since it’s been exfoliated. If you’re stepping outside, apply some SPF as well.


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What to Use

Body Oil

When we say that your skin should be dry before brushing, we strictly mean free of water. A clean body oil can make the dry brushing process easier and more effective since your pores are now open to penetrating the oil even deeper. This also helps limit any inflammation or irritation that can occur from brushing directly on super dry skin.


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Your dry brush can be handheld or have a long stem, it’s entirely up to your preference. Either brush style has the same benefits, some people just find one or the other to be easier to use. Depending on your lifestyle, the type of bristles could matter. For anyone who’s vegan, bamboo or synthetic bristles are a great option.

The Frenshe Editors