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This Dark Spot Serum Was Made for BIPOC Skin

10.20.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

Representation in the beauty industry is evolving right before our very eyes, but some brand founders were way ahead of the game. Take Marie Kouadio Amouzame and Alice Lin Glover, for example. The duo founded Eadem, a beauty brand for skin of color powered by science, botanicals, and a unique Smart Melanin Beauty technique.

“EADEM is redefining beauty standards and challenging the industry to push beyond tokenism. Multicultural beauty is fragmented, but EADEM is not about a particular race or subculture — it’s about the unique perspectives and needs of skin of color,” the brand shared in a statement. “Formulated and approved by a woman of color dermatologist who specializes in treating skin of every shade, our serum was tested on 50 women with darker skin tones. Their opinion? Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum fades dark spots so well that 95.2% would recommend it to a friend.”

BIPOC have a harder time navigating the beauty space in general. That could be due to the lack of shades for certain products or having to mix several different products to get desired results. On top of that, it all gets very expensive too. That’s exactly why Eadem kicked off its launch with Milk Marvel. Dark spot treatments, specifically for melanated skin, are so few and far between—at least the effective ones.

And people of color face a different type of battle in the case of hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Darker skin tones respond to scarring with more scarring. In fact, it’s one of the most common skin conditions that Black people are diagnosed with, and Hispanic women are the most susceptible to hyperpigmentation in general. But because Eadem focuses on the needs of skin of color, especially when it comes to treating spots, is where Milk Marvel comes into the picture.

Eadem’s combo of niacinamide, amber algae, and encapsulated vitamin C safely targets dark spots on melanin-rich skin, (originally launching with a waitlist of over 1,000 hopeful customers). Interested in trying? Milk Marvel is also 100% vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, non-clogging, and it is free from bleaching agents and hydroquinone. You can get it now at sephora.com.

[Lead image: Courtesy of brand]
The Frenshe Editors