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Essential Oil Blends for When You’re Feeling Under the Weather

04.30.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

Between spring allergies and vaccine side effects, feeling under the weather is essentially the norm right now. Whether you’re congested, suffering from a cough, experiencing headaches, and more, it’s no fun either way. To help target some of the symptoms at home, we’ve put together a list of our favorite essential oil blends that target these concerns. These can help everything from breathing a little better to calming down the discomfort of it all. While this isn’t a replacement for traditional medicine, having an at-home remedy on hand is never a bad idea. Let’s combat these health concerns together!

  • Eucalyptus: According to Healthline, has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that may help reduce fevers. Research and tests also showed that eucalyptus was also able to rid of a lot of germs and bacteria that lead people to get sick.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Studies have shown that tea tree oil has the power to fight infections and bacteria. Some doctors even recommend using it along with any necessary medication when people are infected with any bacteria.
  • Peppermint: Have you ever drank peppermint tea and instantly felt a sense of relief? That’s because apart from targeting stomach issues, peppermint has the power to help aid coughs, congestion, and any sinus-related issues.
  • White Thyme: Just like tea tree oil, white thyme is antibacterial and targets any infection-causing bacterium. For example, white thyme can help target salmonella along with any necessary medication.
  • Lemon: Nothing is more inconvenient and honestly annoying than having a stuffy nose. Apart from being incredibly uncomfortable, it almost feels like it’s impossible to get rid of. Lemon oil helps clear that up thanks to its power, strength, and citrus makeup.
  • Chamomile: When we think of chamomile, we usually think of tea, but its relieving properties are no secret. Chamomile has proven to help relieve cold and flu symptoms, including the body aches that come along with both. 
  • Lavender: By now you probably know that lavender has long been used as a sleep aid. The calming oil actually also helps fatigue, stress, and headaches.

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The Frenshe Editors