Frenshe Holiday Gift Guide: Balance & Harmony

10.28.2022 — The Frenshe Editors

Feeling out of balance can ruin anyone’s day–that’s why we have so many posts on yoga and meditation, in the hopes that learning how to use those tools and checking in with your emotions will help restore harmony to the lives of anyone that needs it. If you’re feeling a little out of sorts lately, or have someone in your life that could use a little nudge in the right direction, try out one of these products and let us know how it works for you!


OUAI Leave In Conditioner$28

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OUAI is a big favorite, and this multi-purpose leave in conditioner is no exception. It work great to fight frizz, moisturize thicker hair, protect against breakage, and even against heat. Definitely a must have for days where everything feels like a little too much effort!


Being Frenshe Bergamot Cedar Body and Scalp Scrub$14.99

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Sometimes the best way to feel refreshed is with a physical ritual that can stand in for metaphorically washing away your problems, and what better way to do it than with a nice scrub? Try one of our Being Frenshe ones to help you feel clean and fresh from head to toe.


Thrive Société Workout Set~$150

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If you’ve been looking for new workout clothes to help you exercise the stress away, we highly recommend you check out Thrive Société’s amazing sets. Whether you choose to mix and match or not, we’re certain there’s something nice for everyone. We especially loved the ruffle bra and legging, but take some time to browse–you won’t be disappointed.


Mindful Affirmations for Health & Wellbeing$30

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We could all be a little kinder to ourselves, which is why we love these mindful affirmations. It’s a remarkable tool that help you focus your thoughts to achieve a more positive outlook on your health, relationships with your body, and your emotional well-being!


Hope & May Fuji Glass Set$36

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Living on your own means learning a lot of things you may have never needed before, like how to negotiate rent, or how to much food to buy so you don’t waste any. It also means buying things you’ve never thought about buying before, like towels, cutlery, and even glasses. If you’re moving to your own place soon or know someone who is, this set of four is a timeless classic design that works with most styles.


Papier Daily Planner$32

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With plenty of prints to choose from, Papier’s daily planner is great for anyone trying to make their daily life a little more manageable. Because it is undated, that means you don’t have to worry about wasting paper on unused pages. Plus, it comes with spaces for mind mapping, goal setting, meal planning and more–there’s a reason why Ashley loves it, and we’re sure you will, too.


Moon Juice Super You Supplements$49

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Balance starts within, and in a daily life in which most people are usually easy to reach, prioritizing yourself and your free time can be difficult (that’s why it’s important). A big sign that you may need to take a step back is if you’ve been feeling very stressed as of late–but it doesn’t hurt to also complement that with these stress management supplements from Moon Juice.


Being Frenshe Bergamot Cedar Hand Serum$7.99

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Let’s be honest—we’re all washing our hands more frequently and applying alcohol-based sanitizer nowadays. At least we’re making sure we keep them moisturized. Our Being Frenshe hand serums are not only super hydrating, but they also smell incredible–a little aromatherapy treat for you.


CB2 Torino White Textured Vase$69.95

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Want to elevate your home? Look no more. Add some texture to your favorite blooms with this simple white vase from CB2. The texture is hand-applied for a stucco look, with small black specks shining through that vary from piece to piece. 


Standard Dose Meditation Cushion Set$175

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Meditate in style! Designed to be used separately or together to elevate your daily practice, this set includes a round zafu cushion as well as a square zabuton floor cushion to help protect your spine and rest your feet and legs. 


Fernweh Candle Set$135

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All of Fernweh’s candle sets have amazing scents and beautiful minimalist design, a sure win with anyone in your life that loves to have a lit candle never too far away. The Pacific Northwest set is a favorite, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them.


Speckled Ceramic Matcha Bowl and Whisk Tea Gift Set$39.99

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If you’re not a coffee person (or trying to cut back), we suggest matcha as a great alternative. You can make your own at home with this beautiful matcha kit from World Market. It’s a great ritual to get into to start your day!


LESSE Regeneration Mist$48

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We could all use a little mid-day pick me up. The LESSE mist instantly soothes, hydrates and relieves skin with a blend of medicinal mushrooms and powerful antioxidants. In the spirit of regeneration, a tree is planted for every bottle sold.

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