Frenshe Gift Guide: Unwind & Rest

10.24.2022 — The Frenshe Editors

Any long time Frenshe reader will know we are big fans of creating rituals to help us through life. Creating a meaningful routine to help you slow down, unwind and rest is so important when it comes to improving your day-to-day. We chose a few of our favorite products to help you do just that–or maybe just help hint at that overworked friend that they should take a break and relax.


ILIA Lip Wrap Overnight Treatment$26

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This overnight lip mask is made with hyaluronic acid to help fix dryness and ensure plump, smooth lips. ILIA’s products look elegant and feel luxurious, and this one is no different. For sure a must have, especially in the winter!


Dieux Eye Mask$25

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Finding products that help reduce the use of single-use options is always a win in our book and Dieux’s forever eye mask is no exception. It can be reused for over a year and, because it functions as a patch, you can have it on with any of your favorite eye serums and creams!


Being Frenshe Lavender Cloud Perfume Oil$14.99

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Our perfume oils are a perfect blend of form and function, serving not only to ensure you smell nice, but also as a little on-the-go aromatherapy session. Lavender is famous for its relaxing properties, so if you’re feeling stressed, definitely give BF’s Lavender Cloud a chance.


MATE The Label Sleepwear$140

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Feel and look good in quality sleepwear by MATE the Label. While you’re all bundled up at home, you can lounge in comfort with this uber-soft sleep set.


Fable & Mane Shampoo and Conditioner Duo$60

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Formulated to be color-safe and paraben-free, Fable & Mane’s shampoo and conditioner helps maintaining soft, shiny, silky hair–no matter how thick it is, or how much you have. If you feel like yours could use a boost and are looking for recommendations, look no further!


Baina Towel Set$330

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Spending a lot of money on towels can seem a bit daunting, but this is something we use on a daily basis, so why not splurge on yourself or a loved one for an at-home luxurious spa experience? Baina’s essential set is super soft and absorbent, and definitely worth the money if it won’t break the bank.


Slip Silk Pillowcase$89

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A hair secret for you: sleeping on silk is better for your strands. It’s backed by science! Switch out your pillowcases to these silk ones and your locks will stayed hydrated and healthier for longer.


Being Frenshe Lavender Cloud Spray$14.99

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Whether you want a light fragrance perfume, or just love spraying your linens before bed, our Lavender Cloud spray is a great multi-use product to help you relax and refresh any room you walk in. let us know how you like it if you try!


Quince Cashmere Trouser Socks$29.90

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Nothing adds to a cozy atmosphere more than soft, warm socks. We’re big fans of Quince and it comes in multiple colors to match any mood or outfit you’re in! If you’re looking to treat yourself when you have to spend a day on your feet, pick a pair of these up–or a few.


Headspace Giftcard$38.99

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If you’re looking to get into meditation, there’s no better place to start than with Headspace. You can gift yourself or a loved one with a subscription to the app, where there’s tons of mindfulness tools for anyone!


Joja Bodysuit$84

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Body suits are easy to throw on and can be styled in multiple ways, which makes them a great, versatile gift for yourself or anyone in your life you think might make good use of it. Because Joja’s go into shorts, it can also be used entirely on its own, not to mention it’s amazing quality! We’re sure you’ll love it just as much as we do.


Makesy Candle Care Kit$19.95

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It’s no secret that we love candles at Frenshe (see: our Target line). But we’re also all about taking care of them too! This super affordable candle care kit will help your candles last longer; trust us on this.

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