Frenshe Holiday Gift Guide: Awake & Uplift

10.27.2022 — The Frenshe Editors

The way we start our mornings sets the tone for rest of the day, so it’s important to make sure we’re putting our metaphorical right foot forward from the get go. Waking up and creating an uplifting routine that focuses on reframing our days with positive energy isn’t always that simple, but we hope some of the products we picked out below will help make it a little easier.


Skinny Confidential Ice Roller$69

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Applying your skincare with a face roller not only helps it sink better into the skin, but it also boosts circulation and reduces puffiness and redness. This ice roller in particular both helps you look more awake and, because of the cold, feel it too!


Being Frenshe Citrus Amber Bath Soak$14.99

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Bath soaks are a great alternative to bath bombs if you’re looking for something that will dissolve quickly so you can enjoy it for longer. If you’re a fan of simmer pots, this scent in particular is sure to leave your whole house smelling like citrus long after you are done.


Alegra Glass Carafe$25

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Hydration is such an important part of the morning because our bodies lose a lot of moisture overnight. This glass carafe is a beautiful, minimalist staple, and great to keep either on your fridge or nightstand to ensure you remember to drink some water. It’s always nicer out of a pleasing container, no?


The Five Minute Journal$30

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It takes five minutes to change the course of your day and that’s why we love this journal. Start your day with some gratitude and intention and make it into a ritual for the rest of your life!


Nécessaire Body Exfoliator$30

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You probably don’t need to (and shouldn’t) exfoliate daily, but if you’re looking for a nice reset, spending some time in the shower getting rid of old skin and toxins will leave you feeling clean and ready for a fresh start. Nécessaire’s combines both a physical and chemical exfoliant to ensure your skin feels super soft after. Definitely worth a try!


Alder Skincare Gift Set$155

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Are you buying for someone just breaking into the world of skincare? Do you just want to try out a few new products for yourself? Either way, you can’t go wrong with this skincare set from Alder–in a gender neutral packaging, and suitable for all types of skin, we’re sure you’re going to love them just as much as we do.


Athletic Greens$99

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If Athletic Greens look familiar to you, it’s because our founder Ashley loves it and it’s part of her morning ritual! All of your important vitamins in one yummy drink? Sign us up.


Space of Time Incense Box$90

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Reclaim clarity and space of mind with this signature incense box: a hand-blown glass incense burner and both sets of Incense Duo in Ground and Nourish, to shape your experience through scent at any time of day!


Being Frenshe Citrus Amber Hair Mask$14.99

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It’s getting colder, which means now is the perfect time to work on repairing all the damage our hair suffered in the summer. BF’s hair mask is very moisturizing without weighing the strands down, leaving the hair feeling soft and healthier after only a few applications. Plus, you know we’re gonna say it: it smells incredible!


Hatch Store Wake Up Light$129.99

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Wake up just a little bit easier and brighter with this restorative light. If you’re not a morning person, changing your ritual might just be the trick. This lamp will help you start the day with ease!


Thrive Market Subscription$59.95

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Get groceries at your fingertips with a Thrive Market membership. They have a wide variety of products for all sorts of dietary preferences, so you don’t have to spend hours hunting down your favorites at the grocery store.


Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm Set$40

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This lip balm set from Summer Fridays should be in everyone’s wishlist! The full size vanilla is perfect for every day use, and the minis are great for when you need a pop of color. Plus, it lets you test out all the shades so you can reorder your fave in a bigger size next time.

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