Frenshe Holiday Gift Guide: Joy & Bliss

10.26.2022 — The Frenshe Editors

The holiday season is upon us and we want to help take some of the guesswork out of it for you with our carefully curated gift guides. Below you’ll find a collection of products that is sure to bring joy and bliss to you or anyone in your life you may be shopping for, including some items they might not think to get for themselves!


Loops Sheet Masks$35

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If you’re for someone that’s big on face masks, you can’t go wrong with Loops–their variety pack includes all five of their products so you can give them a try and decide which one is your favorite! Whether you’re looking to just give your skin a boost, or make these a regular part of your routine, we’re sure you’ll find at least one your love. Don’t forget to rub the excess off on your neck and body when you’re done with them!


Tower 28 MakeWaves Mascara$20

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Tower 28 is a huge Frenshe favorite–if you’ve kept up with our posts for a while, you know we talk about them a lot. Their vegan mascara serves a dual lengthening and volumizing purpose, and its sensitivity-safe formula will help keep your eyes from watering (and smudging in the process).


Being Frenshe Solar Fleur Lotion$14.99

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Not only is the BF Solar Fleur lotion great for dry skin, but it also smells incredible–if you don’t believe us, we highly recommend you give it a sniff on your next Target outing! With the colder months upon us, this is the time to stock up so you can be sure to keep your skin moisturized despite the hot showers and winter weather.


DedCool Air Fresheners$12

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Air fresheners are one of those things you either always remember to have on hand, or never do. Either way, these ones by DedCool are an awesome buy if you’re looking for a gift to give someone that seems to have everything! Their gorgeous fragrances are vegan, non toxic, and super long lasting–worth every penny.


Koala Eco Starter Collection$44.88

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Finding sustainable alternatives for products that we use every day is a big commitment of ours, but we know it can be difficult to do it when there are so many options, and greenwashing is so prominent. With only five ingredients, made with no new plastics, and completely recyclable (and refillable) packaging, the Koala Eco Starter Collection is a great choice!


Our Place Dinner Hosting Set$365

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Our Place is a crowd favorite and it’s no secret why. This 17-piece set has everything you need to create and sit down for a home-cooked meal with the people you love!


Being Frenshe Solar Fleur Candle$13.99

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If you’ve been wondering what product out of the Being Frenshe range you just have to try, we’ve got an answer for you. Of course, they all have Ashley’s stamp of approval, but the Solar Fleur candle is a fave that is always around. If you’re a fan of floral scents, or just want that feeling of springtime to help tide you over in these colder months, definitely give it a try!


Beis Weekender Bag$118

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The Beis Weekender Bag is a Frenshe team favorite for a reason. It’s the perfect size for a quick trip or a carry-on; plus, it’s super functional and super cute. No more chunky luggage to lug through airports!


Kin Euphorics Adaptogen Mocktail Set$99

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This gift is as delicious as it is cute! We love the Bliss Duet set from Kin Euphorics; it’s perfect for all of your mocktail needs. Throw a party with some close friends and enjoy!


Skin Deep Card Game$29

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Get closer to the people in your life with this incredible card set from Skin Deep. It’s exactly what it seems—a conversation starter for emotional intimacy and to build community with those around us.


Terra Naked Rose Facial Bar$13

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Are you or do you know someone still cleansing their face with bar soap? No judgment! But if you’re going to do that anyway, why not consider including one of Terra’s facial bars in your routine? Formulated to detox and hydrate, this Brazilian rose clay soap may just be exactly what you need for glowing skin.


Grown Alchemist Regenerating Night Cream$130

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Aging is natural, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to care for your skin in the meantime! So if you’ve been in search of a moisturizing, regenerating cream to help slow the effects of time, look no further than Grown Alchemist’s night cream. We’re big fans, and the reviews certainly agree.


To Be Magnetic Manifestation Journal$36

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If you’ve seen To Be Magnetic on our page before, it’s because we love them! Make your dreams into reality with this guided journal. It works; just ask our founder, Ashley!

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