Frenshe Holiday Gift Guide: Soothe & Comfort

10.25.2022 — The Frenshe Editors

What are some soothing things you do when you feel the need for comfort? We love lighting a candle, taking a warm shower or bath, and having a little pampering session before getting under the covers. If that sounds like you too, we’re sure you (or someone you love) will enjoy these products we curated for that perfect spa-like experience at home.


RANAVAT Jasmine Ritual Candle$65

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Jasmine blossoms are a beautiful, delicate scent that oozes comfort. What better way to create a relaxing environment than by burning this quality candle with notes of jasmine and apricot? Enjoy it with a cup of tea or hot chocolate for that extra cozy feeling.


EADEM Cloud Cushion Moisturizer$58

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We’ve talked about EADEM’s cloud cover moisturizer on the blog before–proof that we love it just that much. Formulate with people of color in mind, it not only hydrates and repairs the skin, but also helps in preventing dark spots. The perfect gift for anyone that may struggle with hyperpigmentation.


LOLA Essential Oil Blend$28

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That time of month is never fun for anyone, but LOLA is here to help it go by a little bit easier. This essential oil blend is easy to roll on your skin for immediate PMS comfort. Boom, it’s real.


Crate and Barrel Recycled Cashmere Blanket:$299.95

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Cozy up with this recycled cashmere blanket this holiday season. It’s another excuse to be a homebody and curl with your pets, a scented candle, and your favorite meal. 10/10, would recommend!


Being Frenshe Cashmere Vanilla Body Oil$16.99

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The Cashmere Vanilla scent from our BF collection is the perfect cozy blend to enjoy during the colder months, and the body oil will ensure you’re locking in moisture despite the dryer environment. Plus, it makes for super soft skin!


Emi Jay Hair Clip$32

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With many different designs to choose from, Emi Jay’s hair clips have been featured by the Frenshe team before, so it should come as no surprise that it is also an Ashley fave. Perfect for putting your hair up while you start to wind down!


The Peace Portal Pottery Kit$68

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The Peace Portal is a meditative experience in creativity through clay. This intentional new offering is rooted in mindfulness and acts as a portal to our own inner peace, providing all you need to enter a state of ease and creativity, right at home!


Eli & Elm Weighted Comforter $224

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In three different sizes and weights, Eli & Elm’s weighted comforter is a great option for anyone in the market looking for something like it. Plus, it comes with corner loops so it can easily attach to any duvet cover.


Being Frenshe Cashmere Vanilla Body Wash$10.99

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Unlike our bath-specific products, BF’s body wash can also be enjoyed in the shower. It gently foams and cleanses, and should smell ever better when blended in with some steam.


The Honey Pot First Period Bundle$42.25

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Most people that menstruate will probably agree that their period is the time when they need to feel comforted the most. Whether there’s someone in your life who just had their very first one, or you’re looking for a more natural alternative to products you’re already familiar with, this kit from the Honey Pot is a great way to test out some of theirs. They also offer tampons and menstrual cups too, if that’s more to your liking!

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