Frenshe’s Holiday Gift Guide for Men

11.01.2022 — The Frenshe Editors

If gift guide season has taught us anything, it’s how much easier it is to shop for the girlies. But one tip we swear by is figuring out what products and services they already use on a regular basis and elevating them. Plus, it’s more sustainable too! This is exactly what we’ve aimed to do with our shopping guides, curated for the male-identifying individuals in your life. From nice sheets to better skin and hair care, we hope we can help you find a new, upgraded faves for the holiday season.


Stumptown Coffee Subscription$17-$23

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If you know a coffee aficionado, chances are they’re already gravitating towards the specialty coffee section of any bougie grocery store in search of their new favorite blend. But if that’s the case, then you also know sometimes going out of your way to look for those can be inconvenient. A coffee subscription solves this by delivering new options straight to your door–and if you already know what Stumptown blend they like best, you can save a little money and always have it in stock.


The Citizenry Stonewashed Linen Bedding$175-$535

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You might have already heard of the male stereotype of navy blue sheets, thin pillows, and no headboard, but if you haven’t yet, know that it’s become a thing for a reason. So, if you happen to know a single (or maybe not so single) man that falls into this category, consider gifting them a nice, comfortable set of linen bedding from The Citizenry to elevate their sleep experience, as well as the look of their room.


CRVFT Exploration Kit$30

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CRVFT’s exploration kit is the perfect option if you’re not sure what particular product would work best with their needs. With four options that provide light to medium hold, this set can help narrow it down and guarantee you get the right gift for years to come!


Oura Ring Gen3$299-$449

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Know a big fitness guy that isn’t into the look of digital watches, but still wants to get the benefit of daily health insights? Consider getting them an Oura ring. With a sleek design and five different color options, you really can’t go wrong! Plus, the first month’s membership is free with purchase.


ekuBOX Gourmet Olive Oil Dipping Set$89

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If the guy you’re buying for is a foodie, then you already know there are a number of things out there that you can get. We’re huge fans of this olive oil dipping set from ekuBOX, however. Not only is it a delicious gift that can be enjoyed by more than just one person, but it also comes with beautifully crafted wooden bowls they can keep forever. What’s not to love?


The Right To Shower Dignity Body Wash$11.99

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This body wash smells incredible, is vegan, cruelty-free and US-made, and each purchase donates 30% of profits towards creating more mobile showers for homeless people across the country. You can’t go wrong with an incredible quality, sustainable gift that also helps a good cause! Find locally on the link above, or online at CVS.


Fossil Steven Bifold Wallet$55

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Available in six different colors, these Fossil wallets are the perfect size to carry around everything your guy may need, and they can be customized! Their embossing is always free, so you get an extra special gift without having to drop more money on it.


Harry’s Clear Skin Essentials$23

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Whether it’s because they’re still washing their face with bar soap, or because they could probably stand to upgrade the routine they’ve been doing for the past decade (if not more), you probably know a guy that could benefit from Harry’s clear skin essentials kit. With a face wash, toner and spot treatment, this set is great value for money and an awesome starter no matter who it’s for!


CORPUS Naturals Mini Trios$34

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If you know a guy that is still in his Old Spice era (nothing wrong with that), it may be time to broaden his horizons a little bit. A cleaner option that doesn’t sacrifice lasting power, Corpus’ all-natural deodorants come in a variety of scents. This mini set lets you pick out three to help him find a new signature!

The Frenshe Editors