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How to Defeat Allergy Season Naturally

03.23.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

Allergy season is officially here, and struggle is real. Apart from being one of the most discomforting feelings in the world, suffering from allergies can be stressful and get in the way of our everyday lives. On another note, dealing with sniffles, runny noses, and sneezing during a global pandemic is also stress-inducing on its own. If you’re dealing with the day-to-day woes of allergies, we spoke to Lily Galef, Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer of Hilma, and Dr. Neeta Ogden, Board-Certified Allergist & Hilma Scientific Advisor to help us learn more about natural ways to combat seasonal allergies and minimize symptoms. Hilma provides natural, science-backed remedies, with a team of doctors and plant-powered formulas.

Targeting Pollen-Related Triggers

The immune system identifies pollen as an intruder and triggers allergies into motion. As our bodies begin to produce chemicals to “fight” the pollen, an allergic reaction is likely the result. “Hilma’s indoor outdoor support tackles sinus issues triggered by pollen through ingredients that actively inhibit the immune cascade that leads to allergic sinus inflammation,” says Dr. Ogden. “Hilma’s immune support and elderberry gummies also create a healthy foundation that can more easily  fend off the viruses and bacteria that can complicate and worsen allergy symptoms.” 

Supplements & More

“Yes, a big part of controlling allergies at home is using environmental controls,” says Dr. Ogden. These environmental controls are like “prescriptive measures” at home to minimize allergen exposure. According to Dr. Ogden, these can include keeping windows closed during the pollen season, showering at the end of the day, purchasing an air purifier for the bedroom and home, keeping long-haired pets that might carry pollen out of the bedroom, using humidification and moisturization to fend off dryness from congestion. 

The Allergy and Immune System Connection

“Allergies stem from one of the essential arms of the immune system which when overactivated generates antibodies to foods and allergens that lead to those classic symptoms of food allergy or hay fever,” says Dr. Ogden. “I find that many allergic and chronic sinus patients have more frequent episodes of bronchitis or sinusitis and having a strong immune foundation can help avoid this.”

Staying Safe Throughout the Pandemic

There’s no doubt that any type of immune system-related reaction is even more stressful now. The pandemic has made us a lot more cautious, and the thought of sneezing or coughing in public is pretty scary. “I think it will be interesting to see how wearing masks might affect allergy sufferers—because one of the cornerstones of allergy treatment is avoidance and reducing exposure,” explains Dr. Ogden. “Masks help decrease the amount of pollen, for example, that might hit your respiratory system.” Our immune systems are likely more vulnerable—certainly if someone has had COVID and is dealing with any long-term effects. However, the stress of a pandemic, in general, can be immune-depleting to everyone.

“A recent study from the National Academy of Sciences in fact highlights that high pollen counts affect the respiratory tract and decrease our ability to defend against viruses because of the diminished release of certain antiviral proteins,” Dr. Ogden explains. “So, I think making efforts to optimize our baseline immune health is so key as well as continuous measures of hand washing and social distancing and then as much as possible trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle with adequate sleep, hydration, nutrition, and diet for a healthy immune system.”

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The Frenshe Editors