How To Have A Spa-Like Facial At Home

01.09.2023 — The Frenshe Editors

We know it’s a luxury to go into a spa and get a facial. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case—the treatments can be expensive and also time-consuming. But fortunately for us, there are ways to budget and still treat yourself to a spa-like experience from the comforts of your own home. We talked to FaceGym’s Founder, Inge Theron, about how to imitate the services that you would get from a spa and recreate it for yourself, a roommate, or a partner.

Curate a calming environment.

We all know the boost you get when you’ve had a facial, your skin is glowing, your mind is refreshed and you feel revitalized, that’s the feeling we always want to help our community emulate by showing them how to create a facial at home. It’s all about self-care and taking a moment for yourself so firstly, find a space where there are no distractions.

Calm surroundings will instantly help you to relax and allow you to focus on the workout. Make sure you have enough light, a mirror in front of you and all the products you’ll need within reach. Spray some lavender (be mindful of pets), curate a playlist, and set the ambiance.


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Set up your station.

When it comes to an at-home facial, you can tailor your workout based on the skin goals you’re looking to achieve. “At FaceGym, we honed our approach to skincare into an easy to follow routine: Prep, Train and Recover,” said Theron. Prep to clean, reset and kickstart your facial fitness, train to activate and renew skin with results driven formulas and recover to recharge, replenish and repair the skin.

Firstly, the tools. Everyone needs to have facial tools in their at-home kit. They really do help transform the skin and deliver those instant results we all want to see. Our recommendation is FaceGym’s Hydrating Active Roller.


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Don’t forget to grab your fluffiest robe, your slippers, and face towels. Treat yourself as you’d want to be treated at a spa, so make sure that you have everything that you need within reach so you’re not scrambling around.

Take your time.

Everyone’s skin is different, so it’s natural that there’s no one size fits all routine. It’s important that you know what ingredients are necessary for your face and your goals. We’re going to be recommending the basic steps that any facial should include, but highly recommend that you look into add-ons for your own needs.

“I always begin my at-home routine with a full facial cleanse with the Electro-Lite Cleanser,” says Theron. It has an energizing gel-to-foam formula that’s so refreshing on the skin it awakens everything before you start the rest of your routine.


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Next, we recommend doing a hydrating or brightening mask and letting it soak into your skin. It’s a perfect time to do a quick meditation while you’re still in a calm state of rest. Our creative director loves Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Masque for a deep moisturizer. You can follow up with a toner (like Lather’s Natural Toner) and a moisturizing SPF to protect your skin (we adore La Roche Posay SPF 30).

Remember—your spa-at-home experience is however curated as you want it to be. If you’re considering adding steps involving chemicals, we ask that you talk to a dermatologist first.

The Frenshe Editors