Micro Current Skincare

The Truth About Microcurrent Skincare Devices

04.01.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

A lot of us have taken skincare into our own hands—literally. For the past year, getting a facial was nearly impossible, as were cosmetic treatments that we’d typically head to a medi-spa for. In efforts to stay safe, but keep our skin in tip-top shape, we looked for alternatives that led us to microcurrent skincare devices. You’ve likely come across these on your Instagram feed or as you’ve scrolled online for your next beauty haul, but do you know all about the benefits? We’ve become big fans here of microcurrent tools at Frenshe, and it’s because these devices really work. Think lifted, more youthful skin, without a drop of injectables in sight. Ahead, learn everything you need to know about microcurrent skincare.


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What is Microcurrent?

According to the experts at NuFACE, “Microcurrent is a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural ionic flow1 and has been clinically tested to safely and effectively address a variety of skin concerns.” A lot of people might worry if it’s painful or causes sensitivity, but the truth is most people don’t feel anything at all. “Microcurrent works virtually without sensation.” Therefore, it’s actually a treatment that comes off as soothing versus uncomfortable. People really love microcurrent devices because the results are instant and noticeable. 


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One study looked at people using microcurrent over a 7-month period and people reported the following: and the following percentages of people reported the following:

  • 89% reported softening and smoothness of the skin 
  • 79% reported clearer skin
  • 63% reported reduced wrinkles

Another study of 30 women concluded that microcurrent devices worked best on the forehead area. However, microcurrent devices are often used across the cheeks, jawline, and neck area.


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The Benefits 

The most commonly reported benefits of microcurrent skincare are improved muscle tone (especially in the face and neck areas), reduced fine lines and depth of wrinkles, and firmer skin. If you like that tightened, lifted look then a microcurrent device can do that for you instantly. It’s not permanent, but with long-term use, you can prolong the benefits and a more youthful appearance.

Microcurrent devices also have the ability to improve product penetration. After using a microcurrent device, your skin will absorb serums, oils, and other skincare products on a much deeper level than before. The microcurrent opens up the skin to allow this to happen, all while encouraging collagen production as well. Another major bonus is that these devices promote lymphatic drainage without having to apply much pressure to the skin—it’s all in the power of the current.


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If you’re someone with damaged skin tissue, microcurrent devices can also help speed up the recovery process. It’s a lot easier to damage the skin tissue than you’d think, and the tools help reduce the inflammatory response of the skin and helps any wounds heal a lot faster.

Lastly, you can do it all right at home thanks to the variety of tools available on the market. We’ve shared some of our favorite microcurrent tools for you to shop from below.

The Frenshe Editors