The Benefits of Journaling Each Morning

04.19.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

Journaling is a therapeutic way to help you relate your inner thoughts as well as keep you organized and structured throughout your day. There are so many benefits of journaling each morning to help set the tone of your day as well as how you view your day. Your mental health is so important and journaling can directly help you gain control of your emotions; and for those who struggle with stress, anxiety, and/ or depression it can overall improve your mental health. Here are a few benefits of journaling each morning.

Improves Mental State

As mentioned, journaling is a great way to improve your mental health. When you can write down all of your stress and anxieties it can, in turn, aid you from worrying and allowing for more anxiety to culminate. Journaling can help with reducing stress, managing anxiety, and coping with depression. When you are enduring a problem or are stressed, expressing in a journal can help identify what is causing you anxiety and overwhelming stress. Through journaling, you can identify your stressors, and it can help you resolve what you’re mentally enduring. 

Helps Track and Achieve Goals

Journaling is a great way to help with accountability. When you are writing your goals and aspirations down it most likely will help you commit to them, and more likely to achieve them. Expressing yourself and all of your passions through writing can help you better identify what you want, and who you want to be. It can help you recognize the blockages in your life that are deterring or distracting you from achieving your goals. It helps you recognize whether you are self-doubting or have limiting beliefs — and can allow you to propel forward outside of those restrictions. It is also a record of accomplishments to exemplify your progress to help guide you in tracking your progress. There is no better start to your day and mental health journey than knowing what you are capable of. 

Enhances Sense of Gratitude

When we start our day with a sense of gratitude, focusing on the positive things in our life boosts our self-esteem. Optimism and gratitude is imperative in encouraging life-changing effects. Keeping a gratitude journal can help you sleep better, improve your immunity, and even lower blood pressure. Writing about gratitude can change your mood in the mornings, also helping with fatigue and insomnia to start your days off better and brighter. 

Can Develop Your Communication Skills 

Journaling allows you to learn to better express yourself. Communicating with yourself every morning about your feelings with others and with your emotions allows you to become more self-aware, and will allow you to be more understood to others. Journaling can provide clear thinking — which can lead to clear communication. Clear communication can benefit so many relationships in our lives, which ultimately benefits us. 

Can Improve Your Memory 

When we all take notes we are able to retain information better.  The same is with journaling. Simply writing something down every morning can improve your ability to remember it. When we write down recollections, memories, moments, concerns, anxieties, we are able to more easily retain what’s going on in our day-to-day lives. It is a great way to remember specific moments in time that may affect us and that shape us. Having a strong and clear mentality is a positive start to each day. Implementing those daily mental exercises through journaling can help you realize what has happened in your life, as well as help you make better decisions in your future. 

Find a journal that visually appeals to you or one that is structured with prompted questions if that will help you be consistent each morning. There are so many options to build a daily journaling habit. You will notice the transformation within yourself even after a few weeks. Happy Journaling!

The Frenshe Editors