The Benefits of Morning Movement, Straight from an Expert

03.29.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

Last year led us all to shift our fitness routines to virtual, at-home, or outdoor-only workouts. Physical wellness benefits our overall quality of life, and with the right mindset and resources, it’s a lot more manageable to navigate through these changes. If you’re finding yourself on a journey to improve your health and become more active, morning movement could be incredibly beneficial.  We spoke to Natalie Holloway, founder of Bala (yes, the viral fitness bangles!), to discuss how morning activity can improve your physical and mental wellness. Take note, and get one step closer to your physical fitness goals.

Bala took over so many fitness routines in 2020—what are some of the most common exercises people use Bala products for?

Bala can be used for SO many workouts. The idea was born as a yoga product so my favorite exercise to do with Bala is yoga but the most common would be pilates, walking, yoga, cycling. 

How did your own fitness journey inspire you to launch Bala? Did you feel like something was missing in the market?

My husband and I felt like there was something missing in the market. All we saw in the fitness category was results-driven type brands that had masculine products that had not been touched with innovation in decades. We wanted to build a playful fitness brand that is colorful and actually inspires movement. My own fitness journey definitely inspired this brand because I am very into yoga and got certified to be a yoga teacher. Originally Bala was a yoga product with the name meaning “strength” in Sanskrit. 

Moving first thing in the day is so important. It can really set the tone and mood for your day.

Bala makes it easier to get up in the morning and work out, can you share some of the benefits people get from starting off their day with fitness + stretching?

Moving first thing in the day is so important. It can really set the tone and mood for your day. I personally have such a better day when I wake up and move first and foremost, even just a little walk. 

During the pandemic how do you feel that movement has helped people physically and mentally?

This has been a stressful time for all of us. I think movement has been key to keeping the anxiety at bay and physical activity has also helped by giving me something to do. It is important to get energy out when we were (mostly) stuck in our homes all day for a year. Movement is very important for your mental health in general and I find that it helps keep a positive outlook during really challenging times. 

Are there any moves that you recommend everyone implements into their Bala fitness routine?

I recommend walking with the Bala Bangles daily. They are great for adding to your daily walk. I also highly recommend trying Russian twists with the 10lb Power Ring. That move has seriously made me feel my abs more!  

Do you move in the morning? How does it make you feel? Let us know how your workout improves your life on Instagram.

The Frenshe Editors