6 Things You Need to Know About SPF

05.17.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

With summer around the corner, sunnier days and warm weather are likely on your mind. But with sunshine and brighter days comes taking extra care of your skin. And while many people know that SPF should’ve worn every day, whether the sun is out or not, some myths surrounding skin protection need to be addressed. We spoke to skincare expert and brand founder, Colleen Rothschild, about alt things SPF. Ahead, you’ll learn more about how to protect your skin all year round and why slathering on sunscreen is crucial for healthy skin.

Why should we apply SPF every day even when it’s not “sunny” outside?

Clouds don’t block UVA and UVB rays from penetrating your skin, but a broad-spectrum sunscreen will. SPF will not only keep your skin protected but it will keep your skin looking and feeling healthy for many years to come. 

How often should we reapply sunscreen throughout the day? Does it differ for the face and body?

If you are going to be outdoors sweating & swimming, be sure to apply at least two times during the day for both the face and the body. 

What sun protection factor do you recommend (i.e. SPF 40, SPF 50, etc.). Does that differ for the face and body?

I recommend an SPF between 30 – 50. We chose SPF 40 for our formula for our new Triple Defense Sunscreen because we felt it had great protection, and it was a happy medium! Protective clothing is always great, in addition to mineral-based sunscreen. 

What ingredients should we make sure are always in SPF products? Any ingredients we should avoid?

We recommend using a mineral-based sunscreen formulated with both Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. These ingredients work to protect skin from both UVA (skin aging) and UVB (skin burning) rays; plus, they’re non-comedogenic, so they won’t clog pores or cause unwanted breakouts. Mineral sunscreens are also better for the environment.

Do people with different skin types need different types of sunscreen?

We created our Triple Defense Sunscreen to work with all skin conditions. Key ingredients work to provide instant hydration while keeping excess oil at bay, so skin is left feeling moisturized – but not greasy – after application. 

If you could debunk any myth surrounding SPF what would it be?

CR:You only need SPF when outside.’ We added extra ingredients to protect against three types of environmental aggressors: the sun (of course), blue light (from our everyday devices), and the harmful effects of pollution (which is found indoors, too!)

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The Frenshe Editors