This LA-Based Spa Brings Ayurvedic Medicine to the Masses

08.04.2021 — The Frenshe Editors

Surya Spa has quickly become one of LA’s most talked about spas and wellness experiences. But what is all the buzz about? Well, it’s one of the very few spas that specialize in Panchakarma—therapies that preserve and restore your overall health.

As the spa puts it, “through natural products, education, and transformative, nourishing treatments, Surya’s Ayurveda helps restore your balance and health, and revive your natural connection with nature and spirit.”

Surya is rooted in ancient Ayurveda that we update to make it accessible and effective for modern life. Martha, Surya’s founder, has been practicing Ayurvedic medicine and herbalism for nearly 30 years, and her deep knowledge and experience inform everything we do. Our products are made using ancient Ayurvedic techniques— herbs, milks, minerals are cooked with oils for days at a time to create richly herbalized, powerfully healing products. Surya honors the traditional principles of Ayurvedic medicine while embracing innovation and growth to best support and facilitate healing and transformation.


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Visitors don’t need to limit themselves to single-day treatments, either. The spa offers wellness packages that allow you to experience Panchakarma in three to 28 days. These are immersive and restorative therapies that detoxify, nourish, and rejuvenate the entire mind, body, and spirit. Plus, the results are long-lasting.

Single-day treatments include a variety of different massages including deep tissue, Surya’s signature Abhyanga massage, and more. You can also get a body scrub, chakra light balancing, love therapy, and many other Ayurvedic practices.

Surya also offers a unique mother and baby program that helps set the stage for optimal health and growth for new families. But that’s not all. You can even experience a unique version of yoga that’s set to help balance your doshas.

For those who prefer at-home learning, the spa offers a variety of different courses to help familiarize yourself with Ayurveda, and Surya products are also available online.

“Santa Monica is one of the wellness capitals of the world and when Kelly Wearstler approached us to collaborate on designing a spa in their new Santa Monica Proper Hotel, it was such an exciting and natural fit. Now, after just a few months of being open, Surya has become a wellness destination not only for locals but for people all over the world,” shared a representative for Surya.

Surya Spa is located within the Santa Monica Proper Hotel in Los Angeles, California. For more information visit their website

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