The Ritual Diaries: Askyla Delaplaine

10.28.2022 — The Frenshe Editors

The Ritual Diaries is a bi-weekly editorial series where we talk to our favorite creators, experts, and change-makers about how they take care of themselves in a busy world. This week, we spoke to Askyla Delaplaine, a model based on Los Angeles.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I want to say stretch/brush my teeth/meditate, but it’s definitely checking email and then scrolling on my phone. If I have a particularly interesting dream, though, I write it down in my dream journal first thing before it can slip away. 

What is the last thing you do in your day?

Skincare routine, braid my hair, drink water, reflect on my day as I fall asleep. I try not to have any phone time, and depending on how tired I am, I may or may not be successful. 


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What is the hardest part of the day for you — and how do you overcome it?

Definitely the mid-day, after-lunch slump. I try to drink more water around that time, but sometimes I have to have a second coffee. On specific days, it’s not so much a certain time, but wrestling with executive dysfunction. On those days, I try to be gentle with myself and be my own cheerleader even if it’s just small tasks I get done. 


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What boundaries do you set for yourself for your own health?

Ah, my therapist would love this one. I used to be really self-critical and it would get in the way of decision-making. My therapist helped me re-frame my thoughts into a more constructive form of self-motivation. I would say that I definitely set boundaries on any negative thoughts that come up and try to examine and adjust them instead of spiraling about things I can’t control. 

Do you have any “cannot live without” products in your everyday routine?

Cannot live without: Slip silk hair ties & pillowcases, Beauty of Joseon rice + probiotic sunscreen, Bogavia vitamin C serum, and Japanese onsen powder. 


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Do you have any rituals and if so, what are they?

I’m a big bath person! I love to soak with bubble bath, coconut milk, epsom salt, my Japanese bath powder, jojoba oil, and a couple drops of my favorite essential oil for scent. If I’m stressed out, tired, sore after working out, feeling sad, or even feeling happy: it’s bath time! I also braid my hair every night with a few drops of hair oil to keep it protected from split ends – I roll around a lot in my sleep. Lastly, I try to get outside and move every day, even if it’s just taking my roommate’s dog on a walk or getting a latte down the block. Fresh air is majorly important for my mental health! 


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What would you tell your younger self about health and wellness?

Don’t get so stressed out, and listen to my body. It’s not a big deal if I can’t make a perfectly healthy meal every single night, or if I go to sleep without doing my skincare once in a while. Work out and eat well to be kind to my body, but not to forget it’s fine to have fun, too

The Frenshe Editors