What I Do In A Day: Hanna Kim, Being Frenshe’s Graphic Designer

09.29.2022 — The Frenshe Editors

In celebration of the launch of Being Frenshe (found exclusively at Target), we’re giving you a behind the scenes look into how the line got made. As the saying goes: it takes a village! We’re highlighting some of the folks who helped us bring Being Frenshe to life and how they get it done. Today, we’re featuring Hanna Kim, Being Frenshe’s Graphic Designer, and what an average work day in her life looks like.


I have always valued all things beauty related which is what brought me to Maesa, where I work in the studio as a Graphic Designer! After the Blue Sky team works to create amazing brands like Being Frenshe, the creative team helps bring the brand vision to life through photoshoots, digital and in-store designs, social media, etc. Though I love all of the brands we work on, Being Frenshe has a special place in my heart as someone who finds peace through forming daily habits.  

Hanna Kim

7:00 am: Waking up, I… wash my face with cold water and get started on my morning skincare and makeup routine. Having a skincare routine is very therapeutic for me. It gives me a moment to really slow down and have time for myself as I go through each step. Then, I’ll spray my workspace with the Awaken & Uplift Body, Hair and Linen Mist. This scent helps me feel awake, especially on rainy mornings when I feel a little groggy. To get in the headspace to work, I’ll make myself some coffee and sit down to write a list of what I want to accomplish that day. Writing it all out first thing in the morning has always helped to gather my thoughts and prepare for the day. 

8:30am: To nourish myself, I… eat mini soup dumplings for breakfast. This warm and comforting breakfast has been my go-to at the moment. Throughout the workday, I try to snack on some mixed nuts and also eat a filling lunch to stay energized. My absolute favorite meal for lunch is udon noodle soup with fish cakes. Can you tell I love comfort food? 

11:00am: My favorite part of the job is when I… get to explore different creative directions for Being Frenshe. As a designer, the most exciting part about Being Frenshe are all the ways we can help convey the five brand moods. Bringing to life the whole product line through design and aesthetics takes time. There’s always a learning process during the beginning stages of a brand launch, but problem-solving is one of the best things about being a designer. Watching people react to certain photography and designs through social media, and even through internal meetings is not only rewarding, but also extremely helpful as it helps me learn and grow with the brand.

1:00pm: To focus, I… take a little break to gather my thoughts. This usually consists of pouring a second cup of coffee, standing in the sun, and tending to my house plants. Feeling warmth from the sun and looking at some greenery has always helped to give me a boost to finish the day strong. 

4:00pm: I feel most fulfilled when I… collaborate with my coworkers to work through each aesthetic that ties in with the five moods. Feeling grateful to work in the studio isn’t strong enough to express how much I appreciate my team, being able to bounce ideas off each other is one of the greatest things about being around other designers. I love hearing about which Being Frenshe scent is their favorite based on what time of day they tend to use the products. For example, I love using Balance & Harmony after work to put my mind at ease, whereas others enjoy Awake & Uplift to start their day, or Soothe & Comfort for a mid-day hug. I look forward to watching this brand grow to its full potential, seeing how the whole community chooses to use each product and how they plan to incorporate them into their daily rituals.


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7:00pm: To recharge for the next day… I spend about three hours indulging in my post-work activities to unwind from a busy day. Right after work, I’ll take a shower and use the Balance & Harmony Body Wash. I have been using this every night so over time, my mind has connected this bergamot cedar scent to the end of the workday; and the beginning of a quiet evening of relaxation. Afterward, I’ll spend some quality time with my partner and my cat Mushi, then grab a book to read. In order to unplug and disconnect myself from the world for a little while, I enjoy immersing myself in a story by writing down my thoughts as I read. I’ve found that taking notes and reflecting on quotes that resonate with me helps to retain and better understand the storyline. The very last step of the night is my skincare routine. I start with double cleansing, then a toner to remove any residue, and then on to the rest of my routine. This includes an essence, various serums, acne cream & spot treatment, and a hydrating lotion. If my skin is in need of a little more love, I’ll finish off my night with a sheet mask. I’m currently loving the Mediheal Tea Tree Blemish Control Mask and the CosRx Advanced Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch. 


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The Frenshe Editors