What I Do In A Day: Sam Fazz, Frenshe Social Media Director

08.05.2022 — The Frenshe Editors

In celebration of the launch of Being Frenshe (found exclusively at Target), we’re giving you a behind the scenes look into how the line got made. As the saying goes: it takes a village! We’re highlighting some of the folks who helped us bring Being Frenshe to life and how they get it done. Today, we’re featuring Sam Fazz, Frenshe’s Social Media Director, and what an average work day in her life looks like.


I work as the Social Media Director at Frenshe. I love being a part of telling a brand’s story and creating an aesthetic vision. I was eager to be a part of a brand that had a really meaningful ethos and stuck to it— so when Ashley called me, it was an immediate yes. We hit it off talking about our anxiety and how wellness is rooted in everyday actions that doesn’t have to feel performative. Frenshe felt like a breath of fresh air in a social climate where wellness has sometimes felt too complicated. I’m just happy to be here.

Sam Fazz

07:50am: Waking up, I… Am immediately startled into the day by my dog Louie waking me up to go outside promptly right before 8am— no alarm clocks needed with him around. After we both get a few minutes of sunshine in, I actually start my day by making a chai latte, doing my morning skin care and lighting a candle in my office. My morning go to is Citrus Amber. Taking that time in the morning to do something for myself that makes me feel good and setting a peaceful environment for the day really helps me feel balanced and a little more at ease as the work day starts.

8:30am: To nourish myself, I… go for one of two things almost every morning: cinnamon oatmeal or a batch of my abuela’s arepa recipe I’ve made for the week ahead. The latter is my favorite, I stuff it with egg and avocado and usually served on the side is my morning dose of instagram scrolling.

9:00am: My favorite part of the job is when I… I’m on set. I love being surrounded by our team and making the Frenshe world come to life. Ashley and I spend a lot of time conceptualizing ideas for shoots and working on all the nitty gritty details together and the days where I step on set and see everything actualized is such a fulfilling moment. The second best part to that is when everything finally goes live on social media and I get to watch our community interact with each other and us.

1:00pm: To focus, I… live religiously by my Google Calendar! Every task ever gets thrown on there and I would be half as productive without it. Weirdly, my therapist got me onto writing every detail down. Knowing what I have ahead in the day still and crossing things out as I go really helps ease my anxiety.

When I hit the mid-day slump and I’m working from home, I switch from sitting at the desk to working while getting my steps in on my under-desk treadmill. It rewakes my mind and body up. 

If I’m on set, that usually means it’s time for a snack break. 

6:00pm: I feel most fulfilled when I… Am a part of telling a real, honest, authentic message on social media. I joined Frenshe because I loved the honest approach to wellness that was accessible and balanced and focused on mental health as the foundation for everything else. I think so much of social media (especially over the pandemic) has been filled with a lot of messaging thats like “go all out and emerge with a brand new body!” “for your mental health just take a trip to a private island and not work!” or “buy this $500 product and it will fix everything for you” — and none of that makes anyone truly feel better. It’s not a real way to live, and I’ve fallen victim too of trying to live up to those pressures. Changing the narrative around wellness and creating a space on our social media that lets you lay those pressures down and feel welcome and completely able to enjoy your life just as it is is what makes me feel fulfilled.

8:00pm: To recharge for the next day… I start my post-work ritual. My boyfriend picks a record for us to listen to, I pick what we’re making for dinner. We cook, we eat, we play with Louie. I then take a long, boiling hot shower (which is my absolute favorite part of my day) and use all of our Lavender Cloud scented body and hair products to help relax me. After the shower I prep our bedroom to be the most relaxing place on earth by lighting a candle and spraying some linen mist on the sheets (usually Lavender Cloud too). Then I quickly write in my gratitude journal before watching a movie on the projector. It is that same line up nearly every night and I love it. 

The Frenshe Editors