Rachel Nguyen

The Ritual Diaries: Rachel Nguyen

04.05.2024 — The Frenshe Editors

You may know Rachel Nguyen as a content creator, initially known for her early-2010s fashion blog turned YouTube channel, That’s Chic. But lately, instead of rushing to create a steady stream of content for the internet, Rachel has been focusing more on her well-being and creating meaningful community. (Think fewer posts, more depth, and an aesthetic all her own.) Here, Rachel shares a glimpse into the daily rituals that help her find balance.


What is the first thing you do in the morning?

It changes between:

  • walk the dog to wake up
  • grab a lemon from a tree in the winter to make warm lemon water — regular warm water in summer — followed by grinding coffee beans
  • massage my face and do my skin care

…but I do all of the above in no particular order.

How has your upbringing and environment shaped your understanding of wellness?

The only wellness movement I remember was when my dad got diagnosed with diabetes, and we suddenly couldn’t eat ice cream with honey anymore. We made desserts with less sugar and swapped white rice for red rice. This probably informed how I eat now.

But truthfully, my environment is online. And currently, I love watching beauty TikToks with my unhealthy scrolling habit.

What makes you feel your best?

The rare occasion I’m really hydrated, really rested, and really inspired.

What has been the hardest part of your wellness journey—and how do you deal with it?

I am so lucky to say I’m in good health overall, but I definitely started struggling with mental wellness in 2020. Although, lockdown felt so fun at the time because I had just moved into my own apartment and got to incubate in this little meditation den. I was obsessed with it. And prior to lockdown, I had started an online community on Slack that became a part of my every day.

All this to say, I was online more than ever. But then the internet degraded from what I knew it to be. Then the world changed. Then I lost the innocent feeling of online liberation — and that messed me up.

It wasn’t until recently I kinda pinpointed the sensation of feeling overstimulated and understimulated at the same time. Wild. A friend shared me this podcast episode and it really changed my whole perspective on how I’m spending my time and energy. So that’s what I mostly deal with nowadays. I am responsible to what I give my energy to and that I want to feel well, so it’s just asking, Does this feel good?

What is something you would like to see more of in the wellness world?

I’d love to see less commodification of our attention and money in the name of wellness. More accessible knowledge and spaces geared towards ancient wellness, and not in an over stylized way. I’m so tired of seeing things be aestheticized.

What is a must-have step or product in your routine?

A walk as a must-have step; fresh produce as product. The routine doesn’t work properly without.

How do you define ‘healthy’?

Being balanced and unserious.

What is something you look forward to every day?


How do you reset yourself after a difficult moment?

Clean my physical space, export my brain, nourish my body, take an energetic cleansing shower — all with the goal to reground myself.

What is a ritual that brings you joy?

Teaching creative process to curious students.

What is the last thing you do at night?

Kiss my dog and my man.

The Frenshe Editors