The Ritual Diaries: Jessi Melani

04.25.2022 — The Frenshe Editors

The Ritual Diaries is a bi-weekly editorial series where we talk to our favorite creators, experts, and change-makers about how they take care of themselves in a busy world. This week, we spoke to Jessi Melani, a Los Angeles based model and Tik Toker.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

The first thing I do in the morning is give gratitude to God for another day of life.

What is the last thing you do in your day?

The last thing I do in my day is imagine the life I want to live and let my imagination run wild until I fall asleep. I dream big!

What is the hardest part of the day for you — and how do you overcome it?

The hardest part of my day can be staying in the moment versus in my mind and thoughts. Being upset or frustrated can lead to overthinking. To overcome those feelings in those moments, self discipline has to turn on. I’ll recognizing that I’m out of alignment and need to change my thoughts to what will benefit me in the long run.

What boundaries do you set for yourself for your own health?

As far as my mental health, I set boundaries around the access to my energy. I’m selective with who I give it to. When I need to recharge, I take a few steps away for me time. 

Do you have any “cannot live without” products in your everyday routine?

I cannot live without all my skincare and body care products! If I could only take 2 products with me to an island, it would be my body lotion and healing balm for my face!

Do you have any rituals and if so, what are they?

When I’m at my best all around, I practice my self care ritual. It can be something as simple as buying myself flowers, meditating, journaling or allowing myself to rest and do nothing. Look into creating a self care menu!

What would you tell your younger self about health and wellness?

Dear younger self, health and wellness is way more than just being skinny! The mind, body, and soul are to all be aligned in order to feel well and maintain your health. Loving yourself as is in the present moment is the first step.

What is something that you look forward to everyday?

Every day I look forward to FaceTiming my mom and telling her good morning. We’re so close!

How do you “reset” yourself after a night out, a bad date, etc.

My night time showers give me the best reset after any day. My cousin Tiffany recommend I drop a few drops of essential oils, preferably eucalyptus and lavender, in the corners of my shower. The steam creates the best smelling aroma. I light my candle to give a moody ambiance. It’s very spa-like. I love creating a luxury experience! I may take a self care bath after, and that’s always fun to set up. 

The Frenshe Editors